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September 2003


LAS VEGAS -- The glimmering curtains at the La Femme Theater sweep open, revealing 12 anatomically perfect young women standing rigidly at attention. Like female versions of the guards at Buckingham Palace, they wear tall black hats and military-style boots, and they stare ahead, unflinchingly. Unlike the guards, however, they don't wear much of anything else. Rounding out the "uniform": black garters, black stockings and metal-studded neck collars, with leather straps dangling between their naked breasts. Never before has so much skin been seen at a casino on the Strip. In short, the sin is back. Behind the bar (Caesars Palace), nude female dancers gyrate on platforms, separated from the audience by thin screens that leave little to the imagination. Indeed, in the past two years, more breasts have popped up on stages across town than the typical frat boy sees in four years of college: * The Luxor casino has launched "Midnight Fantasy," a dance revue with bare-chested babes bouncing naughtily about the stage to pop tunes. * Harrah's casino started up "Skintight," starring Miss Nude World, Penthouse cover girl Vanna Lace (who offers more than a glimpse of what won her the award). * The Blue Note jazz club adjacent to the Aladdin casino is teasing visitors with Tease, a "sexy musical comedy" about life in a strip bar (where the mostly female cast dresses the part). So now, MGM, which closed its failing theme park last year, and its neighbors on the Strip are returning to what Curtis calls the "tried and true" formula: gambling, drinking and sex. Even on a typical Saturday night, there now are 1,000 girls stripping at the major clubs in Las Vegas, ... Once she finds a customer who agrees to "a dance," she sits him down in a plush chair in a dark corner and begins gyrating in front of him. Then, ever so slowly, she unlaces her top, which falls to the ground, and climbs onto his lap, undulating ever closer until her breasts brush against his face. "Skin and sin are in again on the Las Vegas Strip Forget 'family.' The bosom is now the bottom line." / USA TODAY / By Gene Sloan / 2.16.02 (20)

Las Vegas - The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has agreed to pay a $100,000 fine to settle complaints about public sex acts in a nightclub at the resort and for other problems, regulators said Wednesday. "Hard Rock fined for allowing sex acts in public" / LAS VEGAS SUN / By Liz Benston / 7.18.02 (37)

Las Vegas - They say "sex sells," and no hotel-casino in Las Vegas markets the allure of sex more than the Hard Rock Hotel. Hard Rock executives admitted allegations levied by the control board, including charges that security officers working for the property ignored public sex acts in Baby's night club. Provocative clothing, sexy dancing and late-night clubs are all fine with the control board, ... Siller and Hard Rock President Don Marrandino declined to discuss the specific sex act recorded on the Hard Rock surveillance tape. "Casino facing fine of $100,000   Board takes dim view of lewd acts" / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By JEFF SIMPSON /7.19.02 (39)

Las Vegas - Gaming Control Board member Bobby Siller is worried that some casino resorts may be getting too risqué even for Sin City. Because of the increasing competition for twenty something customers, Siller argues that more Las Vegas casino operators are allowing inappropriate behavior and sexual activity to occur in public areas. Reports of public nudity and sexual activity have already led to one investigation. The Hard Rock had added temporary security staff for the evening, and they were present when a woman removed her top, exposing her breasts, while others engaged in "inappropriate" acts, Silver said. One "inappropriate" incident involved two women kissing and fondling each other, said a source who requested anonymity. As part of the property's grand opening celebration in November, the Palms deployed a group of 10 nude models who had their bodies painted. They got a great response, and we had no complaints." "Couples dance at the opening of the Palms in November." / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By JEFF SIMPSON / 5.4.02 (34)

Las Vegas - One downtown hotel, the Plaza, is offering explicit "gentlemen's club" fare. The topless dancers at its variety show hang around after the curtain drops, and perform individual stripteases and lap dances for customers seeking naughtier action. And casino entertainment directors are quietly debating whether to offer upscale striptease bars to keep gamblers--and those pockets stuffed with $20 bills for lap dances--closer to their own slot machines. Breck Wall has produced the burlesque-based "Bottom's Up" off-and-on in Las Vegas since 1964--sometimes topless, sometimes not. When he opened his current show at the Flamingo in September, he found a niche as the only topless matinee show in town. "Topless Shows Put the 'Sin' Back in Sin City" / Los Angeles Times / by TOM GORMAN / 6.17.01 (22)

Las Vegas - Downtown casinos that have shows featuring nude dancers will not have to adhere to the same laws that apply to exotic dance establishments in the city of Las Vegas. The Plaza hotel-casino has a topless review show, ... Another exception is Glitter Gulch, a topless dance club on Fremont Street that was grandfathered into being excluded from the ordinance. "Ordinance would allow nude shows in downtown hotels" / Las Vegas SUN / By Denise Cardinal / 6.17.98 (17)

Las Vegas - (AP) There are 31 strip clubs in Clark County and Las Vegas, compared with about 40 major casinos on the Strip. About 40,000 feet of the club ($30 million Sapphire) has been approved for topless dancing, ... It has 10 sky boxes that allow customers a sweeping view of the hundreds of topless dancers flitting about, jumping from lounge chair to lounge chair, customer to customer. The hotel-casinos are responding by making nightspots sexier or rolling out new ones to attract men. Even the newest Cirque du Soleil show planned to open this summer at New York-New York hotel promises a "provocative exhibition of human sensuality, arousal and eroticism." The two newest clubs on the Strip are the Risque at Paris Las Vegas, owned by Park Place Entertainment, and Tabu at MGM Grand. Risque offers customers something in addition to women in bikini outfits draped with black mesh and bartenders wrapped in red corsets: The waitresses will dance with you. "We don't market to families." "Strip clubs raise ante for Las Vegas dollars" / AP & Courier Journal (Louisville) / ADAM GOLDMAN /4.24.03 (35)

Las Vegas - And now that the town has dropped its family image, anything goes. Nowhere is it more evident than in the Strip's proliferation of sprawling, steamy nightspots ... where you can dance until dawn among superstars and watch go-go girls shake their moneymakers for you at every turn. ... the push in the '90s to make Vegas a family destination was a failure. Vixens taunt inside the warm waters of a Plexiglas hot tub at BiKiNis, while other shot girls wearing bikinis and go-go boots work the room, compelling partygoers to get on their knees to receive their liquor. Elsewhere on the Strip, dancers gyrate topless or nude behind backlit screens at Shadow Bar, swim sensuously like mermaids in Skin's lavender pool, and let you dress and undress them as many times as you like at Studio 54. Since November 2001, when the Palms Casino Resort opened its doors and threw its one-two-three punch at the Strip with the sexy Skin, ... and the Bellagio Hotel took its turn by unveiling the luxurious Light, the competition for hottest spot on the Strip has been on. Sexy waitresses (Tabú, which opened at the MGM Grand Hotel Casino) change their lingerie uniforms in shifts, getting more provocative as the night wears on, while other phenomenally enhanced servers offer tequila shots from their bare bosoms. There is something to tempt anyone who wants to let loose and explore new salacious territory, such as the topless pool opening at the Mandalay Bay Hotel next month. "Forget that family stuff. Vegas has returned to form, with new, bigger clubs featuring all manner of adult entertainment." / Los Angeles Times / By Maria Elena Fernandez / 7.24.03 (36)

Las Vegas remains a place of cheap booze, easy sex and omnipresent opportunities to be separated from one's dollars in games of "chance" in which the house seldom loses. Sin sells. Sin is fun. Mr. Lanni of MGM-Mirage, a clean-cut professional manager with two degrees from the University of Southern California, told me that "Las Vegas wouldn't be Las Vegas without at least the appearance of sin." "Spinning Mirages Like Cotton Candy" / The New York Times / By R. W. APPLE Jr. / 10.27.00 (21)

Las Vegas - But Young said he believes the underworld has stepped up its presence in the fast-growing sex industry, primarily at adult nightclubs and outcall services. "There's just a ton of money to be made in that industry," he (Deputy Chief Bill Young, who oversees Metro Police's Organized Crime Bureau) said. It's a natural cash business for the mob." "Inside the FBI's Operation Thin Crust" / Las Vegas Sun / By Jeff German / 7.2.02 (40)

Las Vegas - (AP) Treasure Island is not alone. Other Las Vegas hotels have added swinging adult clubs and risque revues to compete with a growing number of megasize strip clubs that are siphoning visitors and dollars away. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is airing four national commercials tantalizing would-be visitors with the not-so-subtle message that anything goes in Sin City. Even the newest Cirque du Soleil show planned to open this summer at New York-New York hotel promises a "provocative exhibition of human sensuality, arousal and eroticism." "It's becoming a major theme. All of Vegas is grabbing onto the sex thing," said University of Nevada at Las Vegas gambling professor Bill Thompson ... ... the Palms -- hosts MTV shows and offers hotel rooms with strippers poles. Caesars Palace has designated its Venus pool for topless sunbathing. "Las Vegas gets racier as hotel-casinos shed family image to compete with strip clubs" / ADAM GOLDMAN, Associated Press Writer / 5.5.03 / (41)

LAS VEGAS - By then, FBI agents apparently were already investigating accusations that several prominent politicians in Las Vegas and San Diego were taking bribes from one club-owning family to keep regulations as skimpy as a G-string. That probe burst into view May 14 when FBI agents staged raids on Cheetah's and Jaguar's '"topless cabarets'" outside Las Vegas and a Cheetah's in San Diego... The FBI search warrants indicated that agents sought evidence of unreported campaign contributions or cash payments to the San Diego councilmen, Las Vegas City Councilman Michael McDonald, the Clark County, Nev., commission chairwoman, and two former commissioners. But with a nexus of three sensational elements -- sex, political corruption, and Vegas -- the controversy, dubbed "Operation G-Sting" by local pundits, seems sure to heat up summer in the desert. "Corruption scandal is Vegas sensation" / Boston Globe / By Steve Friess / 5.27.03 / (45)

Las Vegas - Casino executives at the Riviera must have thought they were on to something, well, busty when they decided to mint special chips to honor the planned appearances of adult film stars Nikki Tyler, Jenna Jameson and Heather Hunter. The three sexual acrobats were scheduled to star in the Riviera's X-rated "Crazy Girls Fantasy Revue" during the Comdex convention this week, but they have since been replaced. In a never-ending effort to give the Comdexicans what they want, the Riviera in recent years has produced soft-core porn shows starring the naughtiest slices of cheesecake in the raunch racket. Riviera executives, meanwhile, declined to return phone calls for a response. Perhaps they didn't know the trio of tarts were porno girls, either. Yeah, right. "Regulators find nothing redeemable in Riviera's chippy chips Chips ahoy!" / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By John L. Smith / 11.16.99 (47)

Las Vegas - Indeed, despite the supposed "Disneyfication" of Las Vegas, widespread unionization and the arrival of politically correct corporate casino owners, the image of the sexy cocktail waitress remains as vital here as a one-armed bandit. "Let's not be naive," said Alan Feldman, a vice president and spokesman for MGM Mirage, which owns a handful of the Strip's larger casinos. "From chewing gum to milk to cars to travel, sex sells everywhere." "The Imperial Palace is seeking Glamorous and Sexy Palace Princesses for the enhancement of our casino guests' entertainment experience," reads one recent newspaper ad. "Putting Their Feet Down" / L.A. Times / By TOM GORMAN / 9.12.00 (19)

Las Vegas - The Nevada Gaming Control Board is considering stripping the gaming license of the Olympic Garden, a prominent Las Vegas topless dancing club. Olympic Garden owner Peter Eliades currently holds a restricted gaming license entitling him to operate 13 gaming machines. Siller said he's concerned about a number of recent arrests of dancers at the Las Vegas Boulevard strip club on prostitution-related charges. He also expressed concern about a website affiliated with the club. Nude photos are available to anyone on the site, ... "It does display full nudity, and you can access it without any charge or identification. Children can easily access it." "Slot machine regulators concerned about LV topless club" / LAS VEGAS SUN / By David Strow / 7.13.2001 (42)

LAS VEGAS -- With bare butts on billboards and risque escort service ads filling the city's Yellow Pages, two local university professors were shocked by how little information has been uncovered about Nevada's sex industries. Kate Hausbeck and Barbara Brents of the University of Nevada saw the dearth of research on the state's brothels, illegal prostitution and striptease clubs as a rare academic opportunity to scrutinize an understudied topic. Brents said hotel owners benefit from Las Vegas' image of "sex being freely available" at the same time they attempt publicly to distance themselves from the sex industries. "Like it or not, this town is also built on the sex industry. Police say the services often are fronts for prostitution in Clark County. "Sex industry in for scholarly peek" / LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL/ By Natalie Patton / 11.2.97 (1)

Las Vegas - In the long and lurid tradition of the Las Vegas sex trade, call girls often leave "naughty girl" cards on sidewalks and hotel stairways to drum up business. The women pictured on the cards are usually naked, or nearly so, and include their phone number. "'Just Say No' -- to sex -- hits Las Vegas" / San Francisco Chronicle / By Sabin Russell / 6.29.03 / www.sfgate. com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2003/06/29/MN282585 (46)

NV - James said more people are moving into the state and bringing with them thousands of children who see X-rated advertisements on the tops of taxis ... "There are billboards everywhere. They're passing out handbills on the Strip for these services," James added. "And if you ask the police, they say they are fronts for prostitution." "Senate panel bans nude dancing in hotels" / AP & LAS VEGAS SUN / BY MARTHA BELLISLE / 6.04.97 (24)

Las Vegas - Conventioneers who come to Las Vegas looking for entertainment that's a little wilder than what they're used to seeing in Hometown, U.S.A., are among the best customers of the city's topless joints, nude dancing clubs and escort services. But what about those ads and the X-rated entertainment they promote? "Those businesses have the right to advertise. We just do them as tastefully as we can." "LVCVA denies it promotes sex shows" / LAS VEGAS SUN / By Richard N. Velotta / 3.17.98 (18)

NV THE woman known as "The Irish Venus" sits in court in Las Vegas with a look that speaks more of fear and defiance than love and lust. Sandy Murphy, 28, has the buff body of a surfer, sensuous siren's lips, dancer's legs and chestnut come-to-bed eyes. And her trial - a serpentine tale of sex, drugs, greed, buried treasure and violence - has been keeping a jury spellbound for three weeks. Murphy faces a life sentence for allegedly murdering her 55-year-old lover, wealthy Vegas casino owner Ted Binion. "Who Killed Casino King Ted Binion?" / NYPOST.COM: News / By Peter Fearon / 4.25.00 (4)

Las Vegas - Disregarding the legal advice of its own counsel after a protracted skirmish, the Las Vegas City Council approved a lucrative liquor permit Wednesday for Sig Rogich, one of Nevada's most powerful political consultants. The license will allow Rogich to sell property he owns in an industrial area as a future topless club, netting the former media adviser to Presidents Reagan and Bush millions of dollars. Opposition from existing topless bar owners and potential competitors to a new strip club also became a factor in the decision. But the property's proximity to a school and several other taverns have caused problems.
"The City Council clears a political adviser's final obstacle to sell a building as a future topless club." / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By Mike Zapler / 4.06.00 (16)

GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) - The dancers in two Grand Casino shows were apparently showing too much skin. After getting complaints from patrons, the Alcoholic Beverage Control office sent agents to watch the casino shows. Fabric has since been added to the thongs that cast members wear in the two shows. Wiesenburg (director of public relations for Grand Casino) feels the costumes are a part of the casino atmosphere. "Some really positive changes have come to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Las Vegas-style entertainment is one of them," she said. "Fabric added to costumes of dancers in casino shows" / Las Vegas Sun / 7.28.98 (26)

TX - Two El Paso brothers are upset that Speaking Rock (INDIAN CASINO) has booked a Chippendales strip show and said the club is taking advantage of its exemption from a city ordinance that prohibits adult entertainment near schools and churches. "Residents object to male strip show at former casino" / El Paso Times / By Mark Lambie / 3.14.02 (49)

Atlantic City, NJ - One of the magazine ads might as well be promoting a strip club, with two men leering at a barely covered platinum blonde on a bartop. Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa is playing the sex card. While casinos for decades have used sexual imagery to attract customers, Borgata is taking the idea to new levels ... "In this world, people are having sex all the time. Gambling perhaps is a side attraction to the customer, an unspoken option for when resting between sex and sex," she said. (Farina, a professor of communications) Downstairs in Mixx, the restaurant that becomes a dance club at night, guests can rent "private club rooms" on the upper levels. Similar rooms at trendy Las Vegas casinos can become sex dens, said casino authority Anthony Curtis. And on the casino floor, Borgata deals political correctness a blow with Borgata Babe cocktail waitresses in skimpy designer outfits.
"Borgata touts its 'sensual' styles" / The Press of Atlantic City / By Joe Weinert / 7.1.03 / (30)

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - Tired of being the laggard in town, Sands Casino Hotel is about to try something different: A two-story video bar and lounge with live bands and sexy dancers on platforms, located in the middle of the casino floor.
"Sands swings for something different" / Press of Atlantic City / By JOE WEINERT / 4.24.03 (44)

Atlantic City, NJ - Six newspaper pages of help-wanted ads, 42 yellow pages of lawyers, 12 yellow pages for "escorts." "Good or bad, gaming impact inescapable" / The Press of Atlantic City / By JOE WEINERT / 5.25.03 (31)

CA - American Indians have formed some odd alliances in setting up casinos on their reservations. But are they ready to get in bed with Heidi Fleiss? The former Hollywood madam says she's been talking with Indian leaders about opening some sexy casinos. Fleiss helped hatch a brothel in Australia, but she says she's not talking about prostitution here. "Gambling on casinos" / Columbia Daily Tribune / By GEORGE RUSH and JOANNA MOLLOY / 7.24.03 (32)

MD - Calvert County commissioners want to tighten the legal language used when gambling permits are issued for charity fund-raisers after two recent parties at fire stations included topless women. "Calvert Looks to Restrict Behavior at Charity Gambling Events" / Washington Post / By Lyndsey Layton and Jessie Mangaliman /9.3.98 (25)

Last week, the North Beach Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad canceled its rental contract with a charity youth baseball organization after that group had a female exotic dancer at one of its "Casino Night" fund-raisers at the fire station. "Topless Incidents at Calvert Fire Halls Spark Policy Review"/ Washington Post / By Annie Gowen / 8.20.98 (2)

Sex and gambling will be linked through an online Web venture of Playboy Enterprises and a British sports betting company that will accept wagering on the full range of American sports. "Playboy gambles Company behind magazine to help launch online casino" / Wall Street Journal - Las Vegas Review-Journal / By DAVE BERNS / 2.16.01 (27)

Las Vegas - The magazine's launch comes at a time when the city's Strip is shedding its buffet, family-friendly image and opting for a reputation as a sexy playground to the stars. The magazine exudes sex appeal, with a photo essay of models in lingerie and a racy feature on the women in a topless revue at the Aladdin hotel-casino. "This new super sexy Vegas is very hot right now, and they'll get up on this trend." "Vegas magazine rides the city's return to glitz, glamour and sex" / StL - AP / By Christina Almeida / 7.02.03 (33)

Las Vegas - Harrah's Entertainment is placing its own bet that an unlikely partnership with Maxim men's magazine -- known for puerile jokes and photos of barely clad women -- can add some zest and profitability to its Rio Hotel & Casino, located just off the strip. Meanwhile, Maxim has been looking for a home in Las Vegas for months to boost its own sex appeal. "Harrah's Teams Up With Maxim Magazine" / THE WALL STREET JOURNAL / By CHRISTINA BINKLEY / 10.30.01 (38)

IL - Venezia, 54, forfeited all of his money and property and is serving nine years in prison for running gambling and topless nightclubs that grossed an estimated $48 million over six years. "Figures in Madison County gambling inquiry now face scrutiny by federal prosecutors" / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / By Charles Bosworth Jr. / 4.4.98 (10)

Cape Town - It was reported at the weekend that it had become a regular occurrence for clients at GrandWest to engage in sex in their cars outside the casino. "Odds favour cameras in casino sex session" / The Mercury /4.7.03 (48)


IN - Seven women filed lawsuits last month contending they were routinely harassed sexually by male co-workers and bosses. When the women, who worked as dealers, floor supervisors or waitresses, reported those incidents, supervisors laughed them off or ignored the complaints, the suits charge. In the weeks since those suits were filed against Empress Casino in Hammond, Ind., Harrah's Joliet Casino and Trump Casino in Gary, more women reportedly are coming forward with complaints about other casinos, said a lawyer representing the seven women in the federal civil rights suit. The lawsuits come as little surprise to women who work at casinos or to those who represent the women in court. "To say that it doesn't go on everywhere would be a lie," said one former cocktail server and dealer at the Hollywood and Grand Victoria casinos, neither of which are named in lawsuits. "Sexual harassment goes on at every casino I've seen." "This is still a very male hierarchical industry that is tolerant of inappropriate behavior," she said (Kathleen England, a Las Vegas attorney specializing in employment discrimination). "And I think that somewhat pervades in the casino industry overall." "There's a perception that every woman in a casino is a prostitute" (Richard Segerblom, ... Las Vegas attorney who specializes in employment discrimination at casinos:) "SEXUAL HARASSMENT SUITS PUT CASINOS IN SPOTLIGHT" / Tribune Staff / By Ted Gregory / 8.7.98,1051,SAV- (12)

CHICAGO (AP) -- The lawyer representing seven women suing three floating casinos for sexual harassment says it appears the pit bosses and managers on those boats sometimes confused their roles. The seven women -- ... -- claim they endured sexually inappropriate suggestions and touching while on the job. Stein said the harassment came from the employees' managers and superiors. The lawsuits allege that the women took their complaints to management and were ignored. "St. Louis Post-Dispatch" / By ANDREW BUCHANAN Associated Press Writer / 7.18.98 (5)

DETROIT - Two women say Greektown Casino LLC investor Dimitrios "Jim" Papas made improper sexual advances over the past decade, police and court documents show. The terms of the settlement agreement and the complaint Alexander filed were sealed. "2 women accuse Papas of harassment" / The Detroit News / By Wayne Woolley / 1.17.99 (9)

IN -HAMMOND — A bartender is suing Harrah's Casino for allowing sexual harassment. In a lawsuit recently filed in federal court, the female bartender said she was molested by the casino's food and beverage director John Vogelmeier and supervisor Linda Underwood. ...Vogelmeier made disparaging remarks about the bartender and fondled her breasts. The bartender alleges Vogelmeier burst into the bathroom naked and pulled her to the bed. Then, Underwood held her arms while Vogelmeier molested the bartender. The suit charges that several Harrah's executives did not investigate the case after being made aware of the allegations. "Harrah’s Casino faces sex harassment suit" / Post-Tribune / By Steve Walsh / 10.25.01 (11)

MN - After six years of maneuvering that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, a lawsuit that told of sex, money and power in one of America's richest Indian tribal casinos appears on the verge of being settled quietly. Gavle was 26 in 1994 when she accused Prescott, then 43, of coercing her to have sex with him on the job, beating her when she told him she was pregnant and threatening her life. When she later resisted, Prescott hit her and pulled her hair. He allegedly told her, "I run the casino, and everybody answers to me." "On numerous occasions ... Prescott informed [Gavle] that he 'could do anything he wanted to her'" physically or financially because he was "'untouchable,'" the suit said. "Tentative settlement reached in Leonard Prescott suit" / Star Tribune / Pat Doyle / 9.28.00 (13)

Las Vegas - A Las Vegas Hilton cocktail waitress won the right to a trial Friday in her lawsuit alleging she was fondled by basketball star Dennis Rodman and was then fired for reporting the incident to the hotel-casino. Gloria Chapa filed a lawsuit in June 1999 against the Hilton and Rodman after she was fired in July 1998 -- allegedly for complaining Rodman had grabbed her breasts when she served him a drink. Chapa said Rodman massaged her breasts while saying "boobs, cleavage, cleavage, cleavage." "Case to proceed against Hilton, Rodman" / LAS VEGAS SUN / By Grace Leong / 7.09.01 (23)

ATLANTIC CITY , NJ -- The Casino Control Commission on Wednesday unanimously revoked the gaming license of a man who last year admitted fondling a 10-year-old girl, but allowed him to hold a nongaming job within a casino hotel. "Sex offender loses casino license but allowed to work Gaming" / South Jersey Publishing Co. / By JOE WEINERT / 12.2.99 (28)

Topeka, KS — Democrats in the Kansas Senate on Tuesday called for the firing of lottery workers who produced an off-color "Girls of the Lottery" inner-office Web site and, more recently, approved a radio commercial heavy on sexual innuendo and racial stereotypes. "There are sexual harassment allegations. There are complaints about pornography on computers in the work place." "Lottery ad, Web site enrage senators" / Lawrence Journal-World / By Dave Ranney / 1.24.01 (14)

KS - A Lawrence woman who last year filed a sexual harassment complaint against the company that runs the Kansas Lottery's online games says her case is headed to federal court. "They are trying to discredit me," Fisher said of GTECH Corp., the Rhode Island-based lottery contractor. Other former GTECH employees have confirmed Fisher's allegations that Hucker instructed them to "dig up dirt" on lottery officials. Fisher's attorney, Brenda Head, said offers to settle the case for $1.25 million to $2.25 million represent the amounts available to her under the law. "Lottery contractor GTECH being sued"/ Lawrence Journal-World / By Dave Ranney/3.2.01 (15)

Hollywood, FL · After leading his tribe for 22 years, championing the gambling that lifted the Seminoles from poverty to riches, and attracting a fair measure of controversy, Chairman James Billie was stripped of his powers Thursday. Billie's former employee Christine O'Donnell filed a federal suit May 10 claiming that he coerced her into providing sex on demand for 15 years, made her have an abortion, and then fired her. "Unanimous tribal council vote suspends Seminole chairman"/ South Florida Sun-Sentinel/By Tanya Weinberg / 5.25.01 (7)

FL - A federal judge in Tampa has thrown out a sexual harassment lawsuit against ousted Seminole Tribal Chairman James E. Billie, saying Indian tribes are exempt from such suits under federal law. "Billie handed victory by judge" / Miami Herald / By MONICA RHOR / 10.21.01 (8)

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP)--A former casino president who allegedly groped two female subordinates should be banned from working in the business, according to a regulator who called the man's behavior "outrageous," "despicable" and "repulsive." ... a junket representative for the Greate Bay Casino Corp.'s (GBY) Sands Hotel, made unwanted advances toward the women during limousine rides after high-roller parties, witnesses said. "Former Sands Hotel Official Facing Ban On Casino Work" / Dow Jones Newswires / 2.23.99 (6)

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - State prosecutors claim Caesars Atlantic City broke the law by firing two women who complained they were sexually harassed by men in the casino's surveillance department. Department supervisors used obscene language and made sexually explicit comments, creating a hostile work environment, said O. Lisa Dabreu, director of the state Division on Civil Rights, who filed the lawsuit. The Civil Rights Division also charged that Caesars regularly retaliated against women who complained of discrimination. "State claims Caesars fired two women who complained of harassment" / AP / 8.16.01 (3)

Australia - Sweeping changes will be introduced into the NSW racing industry to stamp out entrenched sexual harassment against junior employees. In February, Ms Kost revealed that she had been raped and harassed by at least 19 men, youths and boys involved in the racing industry from the age of 11 until her retirement at 22. Ms Kost, now 45, said female employees were still experiencing harassment. "Racing told to stamp out sexual harassment Horrific abuse ..." / Nation html / By Robert Wainwright and Stewart Roach / 7.19.01 (29)


WARREN, Mich. -- "A man has been charged with arranging the sexual assault of his wife to pay off his gambling debt." / Las Vegas Sun & AP / 7.01.02 (43)

MS - When he met her, she indicated that she wished she had never accepted the invitation to dinner at a casino buffet. She believes if she had not she would never have lost her family, humiliated herself in prostitution, or lived in fear of using her real name. "I thought I could handle it, but it's the strongest drug I've ever done," Gaylon told Perkins as she sat trembling in her counselor's office. When asked what could compel her — a lifelong Mississippi Gulf Coast resident, devout Southern Baptist, stay-at-home-mother of five children — to give up everything for a hooker's life on the street, Gaylon replied, "Satan can appear to be an angel of light, and that's what those casino lights are for me." Gaylon pondered placing her teenaged daughter in prostitution to gain more gambling money. American Family Association Paul Griffin Jones, II, Ph.D. 1.28.02

MN-The study (University of Minnesota)found that people who took naltrexone reported that their gambling urges, once so powerful that they stole from their children and even turned to prostitution to pay gambling debts. "New drug may help gamblers: Studies say urge may be physical"/LINDA MARSA/7.10.01/Los Angeles Times