August 25, 2005

ATLANTIC CITY - In the cruel light of day, the casino strip is dotted with homeless people, tapped-out gamblers and garishly dressed prostitutes, staring into the windows of passing cars. Drugs and prostitution - always birds of a feather - have turned Atlantic City, the gambling capital of the East Coast, into the scene of an AIDS epidemic and the backdrop for a public health emergency. City health officials estimate that 1 in 40 residents is infected with HIV. Many of the infected are prostitutes who turn tricks to earn money for drugs.
Where gambling with HIV is a public health crisis/WWW.IHT.COM/7.21.04

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman is wondering if the city should legalize the world's oldest profession, perhaps turning East Fremont Street into a "little Amsterdam." Goodman, who long has personally supported the notion of legalizing both marijuana and prostitution, said he was approached about six months ago by a "substantial casino executive" who suggested East Fremont Street could be turned into something of "a little Amsterdam -- a red light district with legalized brothels and a medical clinic." George Flint, a lobbyist who represents the Nevada Brothel Owners Association, said he wasn't sure if Goodman was "serious or posturing." But, he added, there's no better market than Las Vegas. "Legal and regulated is better than the alternative, but you've already got plenty of the alternative down there," Flint said from Reno. As a result of his recent comments, Goodman said, "we've been getting a lot of e-mails and calls" about legalized prostitution. He said support for the concept outweighed opposition. So far this year, police have arrested 127 prostitutes under the age of 18, and 368 different prostitutes have tested positive for HIV. But one downtown casino executive said he thought legalizing prostitution isn't such a bad idea, ... "Hundreds of men leave topless clubs unsatisfied every day," the source said.
LEGALIZED PROSTITUTION: Vegas brothels suggested/Las Vegas Review-Journal/ 10.24.03

IN - Because 83 Indiana State Police troopers assigned to the state's 10 casinos are 83 officers too many working gaming's potentially dark side of the street, for starters. In fact, according to Major Mark Mason, head of the gaming division for the State Police, "There are all types of crimes on these boats. We've had counterfeit currencies, batteries, prostitution, robberies, sexual battery and lots of thefts that sometimes run into the millions."
Indianapolis Star/3.2.03

CANADA - In Windsor, it became known in 1996 that dozens of employees at the local casino had criminal records, and that some had connections to organized crime. Newspaper advertisements for escort services -- many of which are run by gangs -- tripled during the casino's first year of operation. In the words of Windsor's former police chief, the casino is "a breeding ground for prostitution."
Heads they win, tails we lose/NATIONAL POST ONLINE/3.22.01

Las Vegas, NV - The poll results come a week after Mayor Oscar Goodman floated the notion of legal brothels in response to a question on a local talk radio show, and in subsequent media interviews. Later, at a news conference, he (mayor) suggested that the city should legalize prostitution on a portion of East Fremont Street. "There's probably 3,000 pimps in Clark County getting rich on the girls' efforts." He said "everybody knows" prostitution is rampant in Las Vegas, despite the fact it's against the law.
Majority opposes legalizing prostitution in Las Vegas/Las Vegas Review-Journal/ 10.30.03

ATLANTIC CITY -- A two-week sweep of Atlantic City casinos resulted in the arrests of 136 people on prostitution-related charges last month... Of the 133 people arrested for prostitution, 78 were captured inside casinos.
136 arrested in sweep in and around casinos/Las Vegas Sun/8.12.05

ATLANTIC CITY - State Police also said the investigation determined that members of the Bloods street gang were running prostitutes in casinos and on the streets surrounding them.
Prostitution sweep in and around Atlantic City casinos nets 136 arrests/ WWW.NEWSDAY.COM/8.11.05

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.) A former casino worker has pleaded guilty to being part of a prostitution ring that got women from brothels for casino patrons. Chau was part of a prostitution ring that recruited young Asian women and sold their services to casino high rollers. Four other casino employees ... were also arrested and charged in March.
Casino Worker Pleads Guilty In Hooker Ring/

N.J. -- The operator of a prostitution ring that included casinos in Atlantic City and a brothel in Philadelphia was sentenced Friday to 27 months in prison for delivering young Asian women to customers. Hosts arrange rooms, food, entertainment and other services for high-rollers.
Brothel operator gets prison in casino prostitution ring/

N.J. -- Dinh admitted he operated the prostitution ring through a Philadelphia brothel and a service to the casinos that he operated from his home, prosecutors said. He also admitted he contacted casino employees to have them solicit customers on behalf of the ring.
Two Plead Guilty In Casino Prostitution Ring/WWW.WNBC.COM/ 8.6.04

N.J. -- A bookie sent prostitutes to the homes of gamblers in four states and let them collect their winnings in sex...The arrangements were made public Thursday as police charged Teodoro with promoting gambling, prostitution and underage prostitution.
Gamblers got sex, police say/KANSAS CITY STAR/7.17.04 and Man charged with paying off bets using prostitutes/

IN - According to statistics from the National Council on Problematic Gambling, Inc., the involvement in gambling among adolescents in the United States now exceeds the expected onset for their use of cigarettes, hard liquor and marijuana. "Oftentimes a person's problem can lead them to bankruptcy," she said. "And that can make matters even worse because the person might resort to embezzlement, stealing, selling drugs or prostituting themselves in order to get their hands on some money."
Harmless gambling games could lead to future addictions, officials say/ WWW.IDSNEWS.COM/9.30.03

NEW ZEALAND - A campaign against loan sharks operating in low-income communities was launched at a meeting last night. "One person in particular, who works with young people on the street, talked about how many of them are selling their bodies into prostitution because of addictions to gambling, or to pay off borrowed money,"...
Mangere meeting setting hooks for loan sharks/WWW.NZHERALD.CO.NZ/3.31.05

CA - Residents around San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino soon will have more police patrols. Neighbors have complained about drug activity, prostitution, reckless driving and nuisances like casino patrons relieving themselves in front yards.
Casino area gets more cops/WW.SBSUN.COM/5.4.04

NV - Only one of the Hells Angels indicted this week is from Southern Nevada, but authorities estimate the number of motorcycle gang members engaged in criminal activity in Las Vegas has skyrocketed from about 100 three years ago to nearly 600 today. Three biker gang members were killed when members of the Hells Angels and the Mongols shot, stabbed and beat each other on the floor of Harrah's Laughlin during the annual River Run event. The motorcycle gangs known to local investigators are involved in the crimes associated with motorcycle gangs, such as vehicle thefts, prostitution and gun and drug trafficking,...
Motorcycle gang activity in Las Vegas rising, police say/Las Begas Review-Journal/ 12.5.03

CT - Three former Mohegan Sun (Indian casino) employees who were fired last year following an investigation into drug dealing, prostitution and loan-sharking in the poker room have filed appeals in the Mohegan tribe's gaming disputes court.
Ex-Mohegan Employees Appeal Their Terminations/ 4.30.04

St. Louis, MO - Maurice ... was charged this week... said he was given six Ameristar Casino chips, each worth $500, for "hooking a girl up" with a casino patron.
Berkeley man is accused/

AUSTRALIA - There are now casinos in every Australian State and Territory, and after a scathing report today into one of the biggest and glitziest of them all -- Sydney's Star City -- there may now be a national drive to eliminate criminal influence. The interim report by Peter McClellan QC follows claims of drug dealing, loan sharking and prostitution taking place at the casino -- claims which were aired on this program last month.
NSW calls for national approach to combat casino crime/WWW.ABC.NET.AU/8.31.00

NV - The escort-service promoters work all night, handing out playing card-sized photos of women who plan, no doubt, to settle down someday but for now count their German shepherds as their best friends. Prostitution is illegal in the city, though one senses that the crime isn't often prosecuted.
What happens here, stays here. Tell it to the judge.
Vegas Ups the Ante/TRAVEL AND LEISURE/4.04

Thailand - Every Tuesday, the group of 20 to 30 teenagers collectively donate their spare change and allowance money to a mission they consider to be of global importance -- helping young women and girls in Thailand get out of the sex trade. "Gambling is a very big thing there and they accumulate a lot of debt... so in order to pay them, they need to have an income and the only income that is quick is to sell their daughters." "Obviously the girl who is sold into prostitution is just the tip of the iceberg. There were obviously other problems in that family, before the girl was ever sold off."
"Bar girls" can be as young as 12 years old and can be purchased for $12 a night./ WWW.MORRISDAILYHERALD.COM/2.11.05

Memphis, TN -- New details are emerging about the confession in the police corruption scandal. The crimes include drugs, bringing prostitutes to Tunica casinos,...
More On Jerry Lawler Burglary Plot; Officer Turns On

Missouri Sen. Delbert Scott has proposed legislation that would bar licensing of any casino company that "has been fined in any state for promoting prostitution or providing prostitutes for customer entertainment." ...his Senate Bill 477 is aimed at Pinnacle Entertainment Inc., which is in line for two new state gaming licenses in the St. Louis market. Pinnacle in 2002 was fined $2.2 million by the Indiana Gaming Commission in the wake of allegations the company's Belterra Casino Resort outside Cincinnati provided prostitutes at a golf outing for high rollers.
Loss-limit repeal may be tied to tax boost/By Rick Alm/ WWW.KANSASCITY.COM/3.8.05

IL - On Wednesday, Kovacic was convicted of his wife Ginger Kovacic's murder. But the day before his wife's body was discovered, Kovacic gambled on the Casino Queen, bet on the horses at Fairmont Park racetrack, then went to the French Village motel with a prostitute named Kat, according to testimony.
Kovacic convicted of murder/

The first red flag? Farr said he saw prostitutes in Lukens' suite. As it turned out, Lukens was gambling with - and losing - his clients' money. Within a few years he would be investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and charged with defrauding some $25 million from about 200 of his investors.
Agents, advisers find ways to scam a little off the top/ 2004

NV - A publicly traded Australian company has established a "handshake agreement" with a Nye County brothel owner to build a casino and strip club at a site north of Pahrump in Southern Nevada. and topless dancing club at the site of the two brothels.
S. Nevada brothel eyes casino deal/LAS VEGAS SUN/8.14.03

WV - A horse owner charged in a Washington-based sports betting ring may lose his harness-racing licenses in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and court records show a second person identified as a bookie was a target of police more than a decade ago. But nationwide, Cencich said, illegal gambling is the No. 1 money-maker for organized crime, used to fund enterprises such as prostitution and loan-sharking.
Gambling probe nets horse owner/POST-GAZETTE/8.24.03

Las Vegas, NV - Martin's streetwalker sting is just the beginning, according to members of the Downtown God Squads. When police do catch someone on a minor drug or prostitution charge and haul them to jail, it's usually a "walk through" for the criminal, meaning they'll be back on East Fremont before the cop's shift is over, Fricker said. "There's no deterrent."
DOWNTOWN DECEPTION: God Squads aim to clean up Fremont/Las Vegas Review-Journal/11.16.03

NV - favorite idea for creative school funding comes from Nevada. Brothel owners there have offered to pay taxes, mainly as a goodwill gesture. Anything for the schools.
Tax-break extortion doesn't do it/Providence Journal,RI/4.20.05

NV - On Wednesday, Assembly Commerce and Labor will consider imposing the first state tax on brothels. AB317, requested by brothel owners, would tax brothels about $2 per customer.
It's now or never for lawmakers' bills/ASSOCIATED PRESS/4.10.05

Las Vegas has been revealed as Osama Bin Laden's number one terror target. "Las Vegas represents all that is wrong about the West and so symbolically represents, to them, the ideal choice of target. It mentions gambling, prostitution and drinking as being among the Vegas staples "abhorred by Islamic radicals."

CT - Crime statistics are equally revealing. State Police Troop E, responsible for the areas in which Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun (Indian casinos) are located, must contend with the highest drunk driving rate in the state. North Stonington has closed two houses of prostitution.
Is a gambling casino a good idea for anyone?/ to the editor/

NV - Bernalillo County Sheriff's deputies say two young women (18 and 19) are lucky to be alive after they escaped from Las Vegas, Nev., where they were tricked into prostitution.
Teenagers escape forced prostitution/WWW.KOBTV.COM/8.7.03

CA - A Modesto woman was arrested at Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln on suspicion of loitering with the intent to commit prostitution after allegedly asking men leaving the gambling site if they wanted to have sex.
Woman charged with intent to commit prostitution/WWW.THEPRESSTRIBUNE.COM/ 8.26.03

CANADA - This week, some Young Liberals and older Grits introduced a resolution to erase the part of the criminal code that outlaws communicating for the purpose of prostitution. Drug-addicted or infected prostitutes in Reno can't work in legalized venues. That doesn't mean they quit. They just work elsewhere. Illegally and cheaper. What can cost $200 in a legal establishment can cost only $20 in a back lane.
Prostitution should be legalized ... NOT!/Winnipeg Sun/2.27.05

CANADA - After sitting down to gamble with mobsters in Woodbridge, several Toronto police officers found themselves "owing large" and turned to crime to pay back their debts, the Star has been told. Aside from the allegations officers were using the badge to force bar owners in 52 Division to pay them, there are bizarre allegations involving transvestite prostitutes. Investigators have interviewed about a half-dozen who say they provided sexual favours to an officer.
Betting scandal rocks police force/WWW.THESTAR.COM/4.20.04

CANADA - "I don't personally believe in it," said Claude Bilodeau, a recovering gambling addict who recently founded a treatment centre near Montreal.
Bilodeau, who once worked as a male prostitute to pay for his habit, said gamblers must change their behaviour by walking away from the games.
Gambling addicts embrace new cashless casino near Montreal, but experts wary/CANADAEAST.COM/11.30.03

UK - A jury in the trial of a prostitute and her boyfriend accused of shooting an innocent grandfather in the face...Rebecca Shakespeare, 25, and convicted rapist Richard Watson, 35, were allegedly with her two daughters, ... when they chased four friends from a Nottingham casino.
Jury Going Out in Grandfather Shooting Case/NEWS.SCOTSMAN.COM/ 10.13.04

BAHAMAS - Legalized gambling in the Bahamas has led to more prostitution and higher suicide rates, visiting Bahamian churchman Dr. Myles Munroe told the Bermuda Sun this week.

INDONESIA - A protest against prostitution held by 500 students and residents in Riau province ahead of the Ramadhan fasting month, which starts this Friday, ended in a clash. The IPK, founded in the North Sumatra capital of Medan, has often been accused of backing gambling and prostitution rings in several areas across the country.
Thugs show red light to student protesters in Riau/WWW.THEJAKARTAPOST.COM/ 10.12.04

The Australian casino which Brierley Hill's new £50million gambling complex will be modelled on is home to gangster dealings and a haunt for call girls, it was revealed today. Mrs Nixon says that officers have dealt with allegations of money laundering, sex claims and a number of assassinations since the Crown Casino opened...
Gangsters warning over casino plan/WWW.EXPRESSANDSTAR.COM/9.29.04

AUSTRALIA -Chinese mafia groups have infiltrated and corrupted the highest levels of Papua New Guinea's police force, crippling the struggling nation's attempts to tackle its law-and-order crisis and posing a potential national security threat to Australia. An Age investigation has uncovered alleged links between 16 of PNG's most senior police and Asian criminals implicated in people-smuggling, money-laundering, prostitution, illegal gambling, fraud and theft.
Mafia, corrupt police cripple PNG/WWW.THEAGE.COM.AU/2.19.05

Beijing, Jan 24 : A Chinese court has sentenced a local gang leader to death and handed down jail terms to his 21 accomplices for running a prostitution ring in which 50 middle-ranking officials, including Communist party leaders were involved, a report said today. ...a 21-member gang received punishments meted out ... for organizing prostitution, gambling and for bribing government officials.
Chinese gang leader sentenced to death/NEWS.NEWKERALA.COM/1.24.05

AUSTRALIA - A spokesman for the legal brothel industry told the Herald Sun that Crown staff often helped gamblers and hotel guests hire sex workers. The Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority has the power to fine Crown up to $1 million if it finds the gaming giant's sex service - while legal - is in breach of regulations.
Crown accused over prostitutes/

AUSTRALIA - A PROSTITUTE accused of stealing a $1-million watch from a Crown Casino high roller has been ordered to stand trial at the Victorian County Court.
Prostitute trial over $1m watch theft/

AUSTRALIA - The Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority will investigate claims Crown Casino staff helped a high roller client hire a prostitute, a Melbourne newspaper said.
Probe into casino prostitute hire claims/NEWS.NNINEMSN.COM.SU/ 6.30.04