They Play -- You Pay

What Gambling Cost Missourians
Fiscal Year 2001

Amount gambled (lost) in Missouri casinos
Revenue (tax) to the state (20%)
Population of adults in Missouri
Pathological gambling prevalence rate
Pathological gamblers in Missouri (low estimate)
Dollar cost per pathological gambler per year
      Crime - Business Embezzlement
      Employment Costs - Bankruptcy
      Suicide - Illness - Social Service Costs
      Government Direct Regulatory Costs
      Family Costs - Higher Insurance Rates
      Judicial - Incarceration Costs
59,955 x $13,586 = $814,548,630
Cost Calculation:
Gambling Revenue to State of Missouri (20%)
Cost due to pathological gambling
Net Loss to the people of Missouri

* Business Profitability Versus Social Profitability: Evaluating Industries with
Externalities, The Case of the Casino Industry By Earl L. Grinols and David B. Mustard