Missouri Senator Charlie Shields
Republican Majority Leader Comments
on Removing the Loss Limit and Lap Dances

At the top of the list is a proposal to boost casino taxes. Sen. Charlie Shields, a St. Joseph Republican who will become majority leader in January, said the state could raise up to $100 million a year by allowing high-stakes gambling (removing the $500 Loss Limit) and boosting the gross receipts tax on casinos.... Casinos would acquiesce to the tax
increase if the state would end the $500 limit on the amount each patron can lose every two hours, Shields said. Anti-gambling lawmakers could support the plan because it would freeze the number of gambling operations in the state. Casinos would like the freeze because it would protect them from new competitors.
The Kansas City Star/12.02.04

Shields, chairman of the special Joint Committee on Education, which is drafting the plan, said part of the funding could be provided by repealing the $500 loss limits at casinos and boosting gambling taxes.
The Kansas City Star/2.24.05

Legislation is expected to emerge this week in Jefferson City launching lawmakers' annual debate over repeal of Missouri's $500 loss limit for casino gamblers. ... Sen. Charlie Shields, majority leader and principal architect of the measure, said he's leaning toward a 2 percent bump, in exchange for repeal.
www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/business/11076429.htm 3.08.05

(Shields' district is the home of the struggling St. Jo Frontier Casino. Removing the Loss Limit would be a cash cow for all the wealthy casinos in Missouri.)

The St. Jo Frontier Casino's admissions and revenue continue to slide in the face of increasing competition from Kansas City-area gambling facilities. Revenue down 7%; admissions dip 11%.
St. Joe News Press / 7.13.04


State Sen. Charlie Shields will be back in Jefferson City next year promoting a package of sin taxes that promises to boost the state's weak budget. The St. Joseph Republican wants to tax lap dances and the storage of sexually explicit material.
St. Joe News Press/Sin taxes can be fun/12.12.03

(Taxing "lap dances" is the first step to legitimizing this sex activity which along with prostitution is an important supplement to the total Las Vegas scene. Vegas slogan: "What happens here stays here.")

Even on a typical Saturday night, there now are 1,000 girls stripping
at the major clubs in Las Vegas, ... Once she finds a customer who
agrees to "a dance," she sits him down in a plush chair in a dark
corner and begins gyrating in front of him. Then, ever so slowly, she
unlaces her top, which falls to the ground, and climbs onto his lap,
undulating ever closer until her breasts brush against his face.
"Skin and sin are in again on the Las Vegas Strip Forget 'family.' The bosom is now the bottom line." / USA TODAY / By Gene Sloan / 2.16.02 (20)

The topless dancers at its variety show hang around after the curtain drops, and perform individual stripteases and lap dances for customers seeking naughtier action. And casino entertainment directors are quietly debating whether to offer upscale striptease bars to keep gamblers--and those pockets stuffed with $20 bills for lap dances--closer to their own slot machines.
Topless Shows Put the 'Sin' Back in Sin City" / Los Angeles Times / by TOM GORMAN / 6.17.01 (22)