Gambling Taxes are
Budget Busters not Budget Boosters

Removing the $500 Loss Limit will.......

cost Missouri's economy
$2 for each dollar raised from gambling taxes

increase violent crimes,
increase crimes against business
increase suicides
increase bankruptcies
increase divorce
destroy the work ethic
destroy families

harm children

threaten the health, welfare & safety
of all Missourians

(due to the shortage of State Highway Patrol & addiction crime)

flood the casinos with "high-rollers"
Definition of "high-roller":
A gambler betting more than $500 every two hours
Drug runners laundering money
Terrorists laundering money
80% from Asian countries
Many are criminals
Ties to organized crime
The Japanese Yakuza
The Russian Mafia
Hong Kong mob
Colombians & Mexicans with questionable income

increase prostitution
casinos provide prostitutes for the "high-rollers"
prostitutes "follow the money"

1. The State Motto 2. Missouri Constitution, Article I, BILL OF RIGHTS Section 2.