Why the $500 Loss Limit Should Not Be Repealed
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Missouri Should Not Repeal
the $500 Loss Limit

The $500 Loss Limit was an idea proposed by the casinos themselves
as a safeguard against problem gambling.

The $500 Loss Limit does not interfere with "recreational gambling".
Currently a gambler can lose:

$500 per every two hours
$6,000 per day
$42,000 per week
$168,000 per month
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The $500 Loss Limit helps to reduce pathological gambling.

"I state with confidence that removing loss limits at gambling establishments will lead to an increase in compulsive gambling and an escalation of the gambling by those individuals in the early throes of addiction."  Lorenz letter
Statement of Valerie C. Lorenz, Ph.D of the Compulsive Gambling Center, Inc. of Maryland made to the Missouri General Assembly January 27, 1999.

"To increase the limit from $500 to no limit would be disastrous for problem and compulsive gamblers and their families." Looney letter
Edward J. Looney, Executive Director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc. to the members of the Missouri House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, February 25, 1997.

A letter from The Christian Life Commission to the Missouri State Legislature. CLC letter

A letter from Focus on the Family FOF letter

A letter from Robert Goodman, Professor of Environmental Design, and author of The Luck Business. Prof. Goodman Letter

A Letter to the Editor by Jim Roach, Director of Research
Gambling Research Information & Education Foundation. Jim's letter

The $500 Loss Limit is a significant deterrent to money laundering by the mob and terrorists. more info. more info

Casinos with no loss limits are frequented by terrorists and drug dealers who exchange trackable money for gambling chips then turn the chips in for clean money or a check several hours later.

The $500 Loss Limit is a significant deterrent to prostitutes for "high-rollers" more info

The $500 Loss Limit helps to contain the economic and social costs of gambling borne by Missourians who do not gamble. more info

The $500 Loss Limit helps to reduce the violent crimes committed in casinos, the graphic suicide/murder stories and the number of devastated families.
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CASINO WATCH's Briefing Points
Concerning The Proposed Repeal Of Missouri's $500 Loss Limit Law

Consumer Credit of Des Moines

Addiction Expert Valerie C. Lorenz, Ph.D., CPC

Addiction Expert Edward J. Looney
Executive Director of The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc.

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