Crime at Casinos

MS -- The man who wounded three people before shooting himself at a Coast casino fired nine shots, police and other sources said. Police have the .38-caliber pistol and a .357-caliber handgun that he pulled out at the casino, and another .38 that was found in his clothing. He died shortly after the shooting.

Two Sunset Station patrons sued the Henderson hotel-casino and its owner Station Casinos Inc. alleging Sunset Station's negligence resulted in the theft of about $97,000 worth of jewelry.
Las Vegas Sun 4/12/01

Canada-- INTERNATIONAL casino cheats, extortionists, standover men and loan sharks have been caught working their scams at Crown casino. Also, $90,000 in fines were issued involving minors being found in the casino. The illegal activities of hundreds of criminals at the casino have been revealed in previously suppressed documents obtained by the Herald Sun under Freedom of Information laws. The documents detail an 18-month litany of crime at the casino, including 274 thefts, 45 fraud and extortion cases, two armed robberies, 34 bashings, sexual assaults, possession of counterfeit money and five bomb threats.
Herald Sun 4/19/01

A Las Vegas resident with numerous convictions for slot machine cheating faces possible inclusion in the state's "Black Book." Also allegedly involved in the cheating ring was Michael Joseph Balsamo, who was placed in the Black Book in November 1999. Prior to his arrest, Balsamo had been convicted six times on charges related to slot cheating.
Las Vegas SUN January 09, 2001

The state Gaming Control Board filed a complaint against Bally's Las Vegas, accusing the Strip casino of violating regulations aimed at stopping money laundering.
Las Vegas Sun 3/15/01

A North Dakota woman has been sentenced to three years probation for stealing money from the Spirit Lake Casino.
The Associated Press 2/4/1

Authorities said they have charged King with first-degree theft of property; investigators say he swindled $2,700 from a Cahaba Heights woman he befriended at a Mississippi casino and bilked two people and two banks out of more than $150,000 in the past several months.
1/4/1 Alabama Live

BILOXI, Miss. -- A man shot and wounded three people before fatally shooting himself at a Gulf Coast casino. 1/14/01 The Associated Press

A former employee was charged Wednesday in Justice Court with holding a knife to an attendant at a downtown casino during the course of a robbery.

TORONTO (AP) An extensive wiretap investigation helped build the case against loan sharks who were targeting gamblers at Casino Rama, north of Toronto. A highly organized loansharking ring operated on the gaming floor of Casino Rama and handed out millions of dollars in illegal loans to eager customers. The leaders of the gang pleaded guilty last week to charging interest rates that could have reached billions of percent a year.
The Associated Press, 3/14/01 Boston Globe

ATLANTIC CITY - New Jersey's top casino regulator has concluded that Gary DiBartolomeo, the ex-president of Caesars Atlantic City whose career unraveled in a haze of compulsive-gambling binges, lies and excessive debts, should be barred from working in the state's casino industry.
By Amy S. Rosenberg Philadelphia INQUIRER 1/23/01

Police suspect Mansoor raped a teen-ager on Dec. 11 in suburban Las Vegas. The former taxicab driver bankrolled his lifestyle in recent years with his gambling winnings and possibly by cheating casinos from Reno to the Mississippi coast to Hartford, Conn. He fled from police at New Orleans International Airport, allegedly stole a truck and collided with a road worker in south Kenner, killing the man --
01/14/01 The Times-Picayune

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - An ex-convict from Alabama gets VIP treatment at Gulf Coast casinos because of his high-rolling ways, but casino operators may be unaware he's spending money swindled from his victims, investigators said. King has been charged with first-degree theft of property for allegedly swindling a suburban Birmingham woman out of $2,700 after he befriended her at a Mississippi casino. In Elmore County, King is accused of bilking two people and two banks out of more than $150,000 in the past several months.
Las Vegas Sun 1/4/01

A former vault manager at Bank One, quietly pilfered about $663,000 from his employer over a 10-year period. Most of the money was used to feed his gambling habit. He'd go to the casinos four or five nights a week and lose anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000.
Times-Picayune 4/17/01

MAYS LANDING - A Philadelphia teen who stole nearly $30,000 in chips from three casinos has been sentenced to five years in a state prison and ordered to pay back nearly $30,000 that he swindled.
South Jersey Publishing 1/10/01

Iowa--Mother and grandfather left 5 year-old boy alone in a car during a thunderstorm while they gambled in a casino. Guards found the crying boy in the car about 11 p.m.
Jefferson City Capital 5/23/01

Caesars fined $85,000 for letting minors gamble and drink. By JOHN CURRAN
Associated Press Writer 1/3/01

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) -- The state wants to punish 14 present or former casino workers who placed football bets with two bookies who also worked in casinos.
The Associated Press 1/26/01

ATLANTIC CITY -- "America's favorite playground" has a drug problem, "lots of poor people" and is crime ridden - that's the image held by more than half of the members of a six-city focus group assembled to provide tourism officials with a snapshot of perceptions about the casino resort.
South Jersey Publishing 2/15/01

Tunica County Sheriff Jerry Ellington: Asked if he's concerned about organized crime in his county, Ellington said yes - and no. "Somewhat concerned, but I'm not overly because when such an industry comes in, you know it breeds that kind of thing anyway,'' he said.
The Commercial Appeal 1/16/00

Three masked men carrying semi-automatic weapons burst into the Isle of Capri Casino and held patrons at gunpoint before making off with nearly $100,000. Sheriff Jerry Ellington said the bandits had to have help from a casino employee.
Las Vegas SUN 2/8/00 and The Associated Press 2/9/00

Five people, including a pit boss at the Treasure Chest have been booked in a scheme in which qualifies friends and family members for thousands of dollars in cash rebates.
The Times-Picayune 11/28/00

A couple is suing Texas Station and its parent company, Station Casinos, for a robbery-shooting. Johnson, 69, was struck in the hand by two bullets, shearing off a portion of several fingers, and a third that lodged in his back.
7/4/00 Las Vegas Review-Journal

LA (AP) -- A slot machine technician for Harrah's, his wife and a man have been booked with illegal possession of $100 slot machine tokens.
The Associated Press 10/19/00

LAS VEGAS -- A national slot-cheating operation pilfered millions of dollars from casinos. The FBI expects to make more arrests. The slot machine scam netted at least $5 million from casinos nationwide in just a two-year period.

MS -- Three casino workers dead in murders, suicide. James Taylor abducted and murdered his estranged wife, Daisy, and his girlfriend, Julian Jones. The incident ended Tuesday when Taylor shot and killed himself. All three worked at Ameristar Casino, though the crimes did not occur at the casino, authorities said.

Federal prosecutors said more than $120,000 in gambling losses prompted a decorated veteran Jackson police detective to solicit bribes in exchange for protecting drug dealers. The allegation - which the officer denied - is the most recent financial crime prosecutors have attributed to gambling debts and addiction. U.S. Attorney Brad Pigott counted at least nine prosecutions by his office for crimes committed for money to gamble. Prosecutions include three bank robbers who committed multiple holdups, four bank embezzlers and one man convicted of bankruptcy fraud.
Clarion-Ledger 10/9/0

A family gang scammed more than $760,000 from US Bank through phony debit-card withdrawals at Minnesota and Wisconsin casinos.

NV -- The MGM Grand agreed today to pay a $275,000 fine for violating state gaming regulations by collecting more than $1.2 million in markers from South Korea gamblers and then trying to cover up the activities.
Las Vegas SUN 5/12/0

The Orleans poker room manager was arrested by Nevada Gaming Control Board agents and charged with stealing more than $200,000 in tournament entry fees.
12/30/0 Las Vegas Review-Journal

A college student from Calif., was fatally shot inside the Harrah's casino on the Strip. Las Vegas police Lt. Petersen said she just happened to be standing yards from a struggle between Harrah's security officers and a theft suspect when the suspect pulled out a gun and fired several shots. She was struck in the back by a stray bullet and died at the scene.
9/9/0 Las Vegas Review-Journal

Witnesses told police that Cuccia shot 56-year-old Greenspan at point-blank range inside the Stardust sports book.
9/29/0 Las Vegas Review-Journal

A man who confessed to a June robbery at Bellagio and implicated his two co-defendants in the crime hanged himself in his Clark County Detention Center cell.
10/8/00 Las Vegas Review-Journal

In regard to the Harrah's holdup, the suspect was seen in a picture from a surveillance at a table game. The suspect is only 19. How come his ID was not checked?
10/07/0 The Times-Picayune

A suspected jewel thief may have to steal to support a gambling habit.
8/3/00 The Tribune-Review

A man arrested charged with first-degree robbery in connection with the holdup at the I229 Casino may have links to other unsolved robberies.
Argus Leader 8/3/00

Indiana man convicted of murdering a man for his $2,000 casino winnings was sentenced to 65 years in prison. Earlier the two had been gambling at a casino.
3/14/00 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and Las Vegas Sun

Mich. (AP) - Two men who reveled at a bar about winning $21,000 at a Detroit casino were robbed. One suspect struck the older victim in the head with a handgun, police said.
2/9/00 The Associated Press

Crime: The State Police arrested 69 people from July 29 through January inside MGM Grand and another 21 at MotorCity in its first six weeks. Arrests were for outstanding warrants, cheating the casino, underage drinking and gambling, possession of marijuana, breaking into a slot machine and disorderly conduct, said Lt. Morris Brown.
2/7/00 Detroit FREE PRESS

Of the 81 people arrested inside the MGM Grand since January, 39 were fugitives. At the MotorCity Casino, 77 of the 205 arrests involved those with outstanding warrants.
7/31/00 Detroit FREE PRESS

Detroit crime statistics from MGM Grand's first month, experts say, reflect a drop in crime nationwide and a failure by police to nail loan sharks, money launderers, hookers and card cheats who gravitate toward casinos. While curbside prostitution is down, escort services are flourishing. Two months before casinos came to town, the Wayne County Sheriff's Department began monitoring local exotic escort service Web sites; at the time, there were seven. By the end of September, two months after MGM's grand opening, that number had grown to 42. During a summer time sting, Detroit police arrested 34 escorts, some of whom carried laptops and made dates over the Internet. "It's a loose money environment," said Thompson, the professor at the University of Nevada. "It invites prostitution". A guy's walking out with a little money in his pocket. He's an easy target. Or somebody who's lost it all. They'll start attracting the loan sharks. You might not see them at first, but they'll start hanging around."
The Detroit News 2/7/0

A1996 robbery at the original Harrah's - the site now occupied by Isle of Capri - was the first reported Tunica casino robbery. Also that year, an Ohio couple was shot execution-style in a hotel elevator at Sam's Town. And in 1997, a robber struck two of Harrah's Tunica casinos, taking nearly $60,000.
The Commercial Appeal 2/9/00

NV-- A former Milwaukee police detective has been sentenced to at least four years in prison for a pair of robberies at a downtown Reno casino in April 1999. In both cases, he displayed a .357 Magnum.
6/3/00 The Associated Press

The State Division of Gaming has accused three men of cheating Cripple Creek casinos out of as much as $20,000. The third man, Zengi Hua Zheng, 25, of China, was arrested Saturday. He is also being held on suspicion of illegally entering the United States. Zheng was barred from gambling boats in Iowa after being arrested on theft accusations.
The Gazette 10/18/00

A lone gunman walked into the Club Casino on Main Street in the Heights. He went up to a female employee and pointed a small black semi automatic handgun at her, and demanded money.
MSNBC 4/4/00

The young men accused this week of defrauding companies of about $500,000 through fake electronic transfers included a security guard at Harrah's Casino.
The Times-Picayune 1/8/00

(AP) -- It's a terrifying scene that has become all too familiar on the Las Vegas Strip. Armed men approach a casino cashier cage. One or two jump over the counter and the cash drawer is emptied quickly. The daring robbers hop back across the counter and disappear into a throng of unsuspecting tourists. Sometimes a casino worker is beaten, other times the robbers turn the Strip into a potentially deadly shooting gallery as they make their escape from pursuing security guards. Since September 1998, robbers have staged a string of bold casino heists at the Treasure Island, Bellagio, New York-New York, Mandalay Bay, Desert Innand MGM Grand hotels, among the glitziest and biggest on the Strip. Las Vegas police Lt. John Alamshaw says it takes a combination of violence and arrogance. Robbers have become more blatant, people more violent.
11/29/00 The Associated Press

Tunica County sheriff's deputies killed one man and captured another early Friday morning after two masked men robbed the Isle of Capri Casino of almost $300,000. Deputies are investigating possible links between the holdup and a February robbery of the Isle of Capri in which three armed, masked men stormed into the casino and took at least $100,000 from the main cashier's cage directly across from the front entrance.
The Commercial Appeal 8/12/00

The State Government has vowed to clean up Sydney's Star City Casino after a damning report found evidence of prostitution, loan sharking and criminal activity. Many big gamblers at the casino were convicted or suspected criminals who gamble funds believed to have been acquired through criminal activities. There is limited evidence that drugs are being used or sold in the Casino.
APP 1/9/00

NY - A Las Vegas hotel-casino employee said Monday that as a notary public she had signed and stamped blank documents that prosecutors say Sante and Kenneth Kimes used as part of a fraud and murder scheme.

CONCORD, Calif. (AP) -- By the time former Placerville police officer Jerry Olson was arrested for bank robbery last month, he had hit "rock bottom," his father said. Battling drug addiction and crushed under gambling debt, the 39-year-old already had lost his job. FBI agents say he may have robbed 10 banks in Northern California and Nevada.
3/8/00 The Sacramento Bee

(AP) -- Sex, violence, thievery, millions in buried silver, dueling pathologists and an old-line casino clan pitted against a former topless dancer. The Ted Binion murder case has it all. Prosecutors claim the former casino boss was killed in a plot cooked up by his girlfriend. Ted, the younger of two brothers, lost his gaming license in 1998 over allegations of drug use and ties to a mob figure.
The Associated Press 3/25/00

Metro Police suspect the armed robbers who held up a cashier's cage at the Bellagio hotel-casino on Saturday may be connected to three other violent heists in the Las Vegas area.
Las Vegas Sun 6/6/00

MESA, Ariz. (AP) - The FBI has joined the investigation of a suspected loan-sharking ring at Casino Arizona amid reports that individuals with links to organized crime may be involved.
Las Vegas Sun 5/3/00

A local labor-union president accused of embezzling more than $15,000 may have gambled some of the funds at casino slot machines before workers kicked him out of the union and the FBI put him in jail.
The Arizona Daily Star 2/9/00

ATLANTIC CITY - A casino security guard was arrested and charged with murdering three Pleasantville men. The three men were shot in the head with an AK-47 assault rifle.
Philadelphia INQUIRER SUBURBAN 9/13/00

ATLANTIC CITY -- State indictments handed up may mark only the start of major problems for the cash-for-gold industry here as a federal investigator said the businesses are being probed for ties to Russian organized-crime figures. The FBI and other agencies say they believe the businesses that line Pacific Avenue, allegedly preying on desperate gamblers and residents, may be fencing operations for stolen property.
South Jersey Publishing 2/12/200

ATLANTIC CITY -- New Jersey State Police tracked a 24-year-old Maryland man and arrested him Friday for allegedly Macing a Sands Hotel & Casino poker dealer and stealing $21,700 worth of chips.
South Jersey Publishing 6/10/00

A French fugitive is charged with laundering money through Atlantic City casinos.
By DAVID VOREACOS Bergen Record Corp. 9/30/00

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) Three employees of the Claridge Casino Hotel have been arrested on charges they dealt cocaine from a casino-floor restroom.
By Associated Press, 12/19/00 Boston Globe

A 23-year-old Virginia man was sentenced in March to four years in state prison for assaulting and robbing a Trump Plaza Casino Hotel blackjack dealer of $16,000 last year. This latest incident comes one year after casino-security and police officials grappled with a spate of armed robberies on gaming floors. Between May 21 and July 29, 1999, 22-year-old city resident and casino poker dealer allegedly committed six robberies using a toy gun at Showboat Casino-Hotel, Resorts Atlantic City, Bally's Park Place Wild Wild West Casino and Tropicana Casino and Resort.
South Jersey Publishing 6/9/00

ATLANTIC CITY -- State Police arrested 13 people for allegedly cheating Claridge Casino Hotel out of more than $100,000 in mini-baccarat. The Division of Gaming Enforcement said that Ky Van Pham masterminded a scam in which a veteran dealer used a false shuffle that allowed nine players to bet heavily based on the known order of the cards.
South Jersey Publishing Co. 7/11/00

TRENTON -- Eight people have been indicted on charges they participated in an identity theft-credit card scam that bilked several casinos out of more than $37,000 last year.
By AISLING SWIFT South Jersey Publishing 5/9/00

Gambling habit leads cops to 72-year-old robbery suspect HARTWICK, N.Y. (AP) - When state police viewed the surveillance videotape of an elderly man accused of robbing a local bank, they knew where to look for the suspect - Turning Stone Casino.
Las Vegas Sun 5/23/00

District Attorney Laurence Mellen: Drugs became prevalent in Tunica neighborhoods after the casinos showed up. Since the casino industry showed up in 1992, the law enforcement agency has grown -- from 20 to 110 employees -- but things didn't get any safer in the county, he said.
4/27/99 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc.

A slot machine scam fleeced Tropicana Casino and Resort out of $47,000 and involved two employees and 11 patrons -- The 27-count indictment charged them with receiving stolen property and theft by deception. One patron worked as a custodian in the Atlantic City school district, another committed suicide and another was a drug addict with a lengthy drug record.
South Jersey Publishing 12/4/99

A Taos County Sheriff's deputy was one of three heavily armed men who robbed a casino on the Taos Pueblo, according to the FBI. 11/2/99
The Associated Press

NJ -- The state Senate approved legislation Monday to amend the Casino Control Act in an effort to curb money-laundering activities at the state's casinos. "Drug dealers, traffickers and other criminals have used casino and check-cashing agencies to convert illegal proceeds and cover their dirty money trail," said Sen. Garry Furnari.
12/14/99 South Jersey Publishing

The stabbing of a 64-year-old Indiana man and his 60-year-old wife in front of two young children at Circus Circus is the third time this year that Las Vegas tourists have been victimized. Two of those victims were slain, and Thursday night's stabbing comes just a month after a gun battle broke out in a busy parking lot on the Strip. In the past four years, seven tourists have been slain.
7/31/99 Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nine Las Vegas residents were arrested in connection with a sophisticated slot machine cheating scheme that authorities blame for millions of dollars in losses at casinos nationwide. The indictment accuses all seven defendants of participating in a money laundering conspiracy. Also arrested were two charged with possession of illegal drugs. Searches turned up weapons such as guns, swords and knives, and illegal drugs.
7/23/99 Las Vegas Review-Journal

Ex-boyfriend gunned down the blackjack dealer at Golden Gate casino.
11/15/99 Las Vegas Review-Journal

ATLANTIC CITY -- A limousine driver from New York reported to police that he was robbed at gunpoint as he walked to his vehicle in the Caesars Atlantic City parking garage.
5/4/99 South Jersey Publishing

Two masked gunmen robbed the Klondike Sunset casino change cage then fled out the back of the casino.
12/30/99 LAS VEGAS SUN

LA-- Blank, 35, had turned to a life of crime to support his gambling habit. Ten days ago he confessed to murdering six people and attempting to kill two more during a nine-month rampage. Blank broke into Gonzales home through a hole in the roof, beat her in the head with a trophy and severed her carotid artery and jugular vein with a"slicer" knife.
11/24/97 The Times-Picayune The Advocate 8/27/99

LA-- A former casino employee has been jailed on allegations of taking $20,000 from a cash drawer, leaving on a break and never returning to work. Atkins, 24, was booked this week with felony theft. He had been a cashier at the Isle of Capri casino.

The former general manager of the Sky City Casino has been indicted on charges of embezzling more than $25,000 in cash, credit and merchandise from Acoma Pueblo.
Albuquerque Journal 9/11/99

CHEROKEE, N.C. -- The FBI arrested 13 former casino employees and charged them with stealing more than $187,000 over five months from Harrah's Cherokee Smoky Mountains Casino.

Husband bludgeoned his 35-year-old wife in the back of the head with a hammer, police and relatives said. Their children, David, 5, and Susan, 7, heard the mother's cries from their adjacent bedroom. He had been spending the family money betting on football and going to casinos.
The Philadelphia Daily News 2/2/99

Except for murder, all major crimes tracked by the FBI -- rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny and auto theft -- increased significantly after counties allowed casinos to open. The study by Georgia economics Professor David B. Mustard and Illinois economic Professor Earl L. Grinols -- examined crime rates for every county in the United States from 1977 to 1996. However, by the fourth year, property crimes like larceny -- stealing from cars, pickpocketing, purse-snatching and the like -- rise consistently.
Las Vegas SUN 6/17/99

Two men who were leaving the MGM Grand Detroit Casino on Thursday morning downtown were robbed at gunpoint of $1,300, police said.
8/13/99 Detroit FREE PRESS

TUNICA, Miss. -- Casinos cashed $5,000 to $15,000 of counterfeit checks printed up by crime ring members at a home, police said. The Commercial Appeal newspaper in Memphis, Tenn., reported six people were arrested by the Counterfeit Crimes Task Force after $40,000 was stolen from local companies and the casinos in nearby Mississippi.
Las Vegas SUN March 15, 1999

"Today's criminals are far more mobile than they were 20 or 30 years ago," he said. These days, it's quite possible for a criminal to perpetrate a crime in Las Vegas today and be across the country or the world by tomorrow.

An Atlantic City man who masterminded an elaborate gang of chip thieves that netted roughly $776,000 from all the resort's casinos was sent to prison Friday.

He blew his paycheck at Mohegan Sun casino, robbed two stores to get more money to gamble.
6/29/99 The Hartford Courant

A 45 year old woman was charged Saturday with murder, criminal homicide and manslaughter in the beating death of her 67 year old husband. She was arrested in an Atlantic City casino and charged with robbing and killing her husband on Thanksgiving.
Philadelphia INQUIRER SUBURBAN 11/29/99

TRENTON -- A former slot department supervisor for Trump Casino in Atlantic City and a co-conspirator were indicted Friday on conspiracy and theft charges involving stolen slot-machine tokens.
South Jersey Publishing Co. 3/13/99

ATLANTIC CITY -- State Police arrested a local man after he allegedly broke into a Sands Hotel & Casino coin booth and took $24,000 in cash. The man was caught in the gaming hall's parking garage, but not before he allegedly assaulted two security officers, police said.
South Jersey Publishing 2/26/99 By THOMAS BARLAS

Atlantic City -- A 31-year-old woman was charged with stealing money, credit cards and jewelry from men she lured back to their casino hotel rooms during the past four months.
South Jersey Publishing 1/6/99

The armed man suspected of robbing area casinos is also a suspect in a May armed robbery at the Commerce Bank.
South Jersey Publishing 6/29/99

Chinese organized crime may be pocketing more than $500,000 in Strip casino money each month, say Metro Police detectives who are chasing a scam that suckers cash out of the hands of unsuspecting casino cage operators in exchange for fake checks. The Chinese suspects who detectives have been able to catch -- among them a man who ripped off almost $750,000 from several casinos in one night last spring before he was hauled away in handcuffs -- claim Asian organized crime sent them.
Las Vegas Sun 1/21/99

NJ: Showboat was fined $64,000 for slot-record violations that cost three executives their jobs.
South Jersey Publishing 11/19/98

A former vice president with Las Vegas Sands Inc. pleaded guilty Monday to cheating at blackjack with the help of a casino dealer.
6/30/98 Las Vegas Review-Journal

NJ -- A former casino host and three other casino employees were charged with allowing "customers" to use fake identification to money launder more than $400,000 in what authorities believed to be drug money.
10/2/98 South Jersey Publishing

Of course, he had to commit a string of felonies and assemble a ring of thieves to accomplish the feat, but live the dream he did -- to the tune of at least $6 million. In June, that tune went flat after four persons were indicted on conspiracy, racketeering and stolen property charges after an FBI and state Gaming Control Board investigation uncovered one of the most successful slot cheating rings in Las Vegas history.
Las Vegas Review Journal 12/8/8

A one-time Las Vegas casino worker, reportedly tied to the New York underworld, has been nominated for Nevada's "Black Book," a list of persons who are barred from casinos. "He was an employee who skimmed from a licensee and skimmed for the benefit of organized crime," Board Chairman said.
Las Vegas Sun 6/5/98

Las Vegas police arrested two Yugoslavian nationals suspected of playing roles in a stolen credit card scheme that may have cost six Strip hotels $150,000. Financial crimes Detective said the brothers were believed to be working with an organized crime group from New York.
Las Vegas Review-Journal 4/4/98

A security officer at the Tropicana was shot three times in the back. The slaying was the third of a security officer in the Las Vegas Valley in the last two years.
Las Vegas Review-Journal February 19, 1998

The Bally's hotel-casino executive in charge of luring Asian customers to the Strip property, and her fiance, a retired radiologist, have been indicted by a federal grand jury on conspiracy and money laundering charges.
Las Vegas Sun 4/1/98

Crime in the home of three of northeast Kansas' four casinos, is rising like the jackpot of a tight slot machine.
The Capital-Journal 7/27/98

N.J. (AP) -- A Florida man posing as a police officer kidnapped his elderly neighbor and used her bank card to withdraw at least $7,500 as he drove up the East Coast on a bizarre week long gambling spree.
Las Vegas SUN 6/30/98

A Chicago man has been charged and accused of using a folding knife to slash a woman’s throat when she refused to allow him to play a slot machine at a casino.
02/03/98 The Associated Press

He bludgeoned his wife to death in their Reading home and then hid her body for a month. The man had an ''extensive gambling problem'' and as a result his wife ''had exclusive control of all the family finances.''
Boston Globe 04/23/98

IL -- A 32-year-old woman was charged early Sunday with aggravated battery and aggravated robbery after she allegedly followed a Lake Forest woman home from a gambling casino and stole her purse containing $5,000, police said. She allegedly attacked the woman in her garage.
Chicago Tribune POLICE REPORT May 27, 1998

Former tribal Councilwoman Ruth Calac pleaded guilty to perjury yesterday to get bribery charges dismissed in a case involving a failed Mafia plot to gain control of the now-defunct Rincon Indian casino.
Union-Tribune Publishing Co. 2/3/98

Neal Burgard, described by elderly insurance clients as a smooth-talking con artist who bilked them of thousands of dollars, pleaded guilty Monday of money laundering. Burgard, 36, of Freeburg, ran his own insurance business in Collinsville and devised a fraudulent loan scheme to obtain more than $1.3 million from clients and others. He converted the $1.3 million of client money "to support his personal gambling habit, pay office employee salaries and for personal living expenses."
By Roy Malone Of The Post-Dispatch 7/7/98

Four employees at three Atlantic City casinos were arrested in a sting, accused of allowing "customers" to use fake identifications to launder more than $400,000 in what they allegedly believed was drug money. Attorney General Peter Verniero said the 18 month probe was designed to discourage casino workers from cooperating with narcotics dealers who may seek to "clean" their profits at Atlantic City's casinos.
By MICHELE DARNELL South Jersey Publishing 6/12/98

11 people were arrested between Aug. 28. and Aug. 30, 1995, after the state Division of Gaming Enforcement broke up a loan-sharking ring that operated inside casinos and apartments.
By AISLING SWIFT South Jersey Publishing 2/1/98

ATLANTIC CITY -- State police arrested a dealer and two gamblers for allegedly conspiring to scam Caesars Atlantic City out of $80,000 in mini-baccarat winnings.
By JOE WEINERT South Jersey Publishing 2/21/98

NV (AP) - Three reputed organized crime figures could swell the state's Black Book to 32 names when their nominations are considered by the Nevada Gaming Commission. The Gaming Control Board is scheduled to recommend to the commission the additions of Stephen "The Whale" Cino, John Joseph Conti and Charles "The Moose" Panarella for inclusion among those banned from Nevada's casinos.
The Associated Press 9/13/97

A former gambling regulator who is one of four indicted for a casino slot cheating case has been listed in the Nevada “black book”. He's also awaiting trial on similar charges in New Jersey.
Las Vegas SUN 8/15/97

The Nevada Gaming Commission suspended Horseshoe executive Binion's license as a result of past drug use and are also seeking to ban him permanently from the casino industry. The Control Board wants to include in the complaint Binion's arrest last month for allegedly threatening a service station attendant with a shotgun. Binion has acknowledged loaning $100,000 to a convicted felon with alleged ties to the Kansas City mob. The felon is not listed in the Black Book, which bans undesirables from entering casinos, but the Control Board is looking to nominate him. The Control Board nominated another resident for the Black Book one month before he was murdered in a plot by the Los Angeles mob to muscle in on Las Vegas street rackets.
Las Vegas SUN 9/25/97

MI-- The man known as the grandfather of Indian gambling was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for taking kickbacks from a slot machine dealer who supplied slot machines to the tribe's Ojibwa Casino. He was convicted in July of accepting $127,000 in bribes and then evading taxes.
11/5/97 The Associated Press

LA-- Blank, 35, had turned to a life of crime to support his gambling habit. Ten days ago he confessed to murdering six people and attempting to kill two more during a nine-month rampage.
11/24/97 The Times-Picayune

State Police arrested 12 Casino Rouge employees suspected in a craps table scam.

The state attorney general's office is considering whether to recommend that the Gaming Control Board nominate Peter "P.J." Ribaste for the state's Black Book of people excluded from entering Nevada casinos, informed sources said. In a four-count complaint filed earlier this year, gaming regulators argued that suspended Horseshoe executive Lonnie "Ted" Binion loaned $100,000 to Ribaste, a convicted felon with reputed ties to Kansas City, Mo. organized crime figures. Ribaste, served prison time for filing a fraudulent loan application to buy a Missouri Chevrolet dealership.
9/15/97 Las Vegas Review-Journal