"Gives the people an opportunity to vote Nov. 2 on the Lemay casino"


Thank you for joining in with others in St. Louis County to gather signatures for this petition drive to stop casino expansion in South County. It is a massive challenge, but with so many doing their part we will get the job done. Your part is to get these pages fully signed and notarized and back to our office as soon as possible. Please follow the instructions exactly so that each signature page will be verifiable, legal, and therefore admissible.

Please Note: ONE PERSON must be responsible for each page of signatures or multiple pages of signatures. The person that obtains the signatures, the Affiant, must sign his/her name
IN THE PRESENCE OF A NOTARY PUBLIC for each page to be legal. Please have each page signed and notarized right away, before the Affiant (the person gathering signatures) leaves for work, vacation, etc.

The instructions below are simple to follow but extremely important.

1. Every person signing must be a registered voter in St. Louis County. The person should sign name, fill out street address and zip code, and print name. Fill in District number (1,2,3,4,5,6 or7). Consult your map for help. If you need to, leave it blank and we will look it up.
2. Typical places where you can find registered voters: neighbors, family members, civic groups, parks, at work, churches, business groups, grocery stores, etc. But remember, you must have permission if you are working on someone's private property such as malls, stores and businesses.
3. As each page is completed, signed and properly notarized, keep it in a safe place until returned to our office. When returning them, give your name and phone number so we can communicate with you if needed. If you get close to the deadline, call us. We may need to pick them up.

Deadline for mailing: August 17 ..............Would you please fill ______ pages?

Thank you for your commitment to protect the families of our county from any new casino operations. By reaching our goal of 37,500 signatures by August 19, we will be able to vote on this
matter at the November 2 election. Please call us if you have any questions or need any help.

Sam Murrell
Campaign Coordinator
Phone and Fax: 636-728-0603
Cell: 636-399-4428

NO MORE COUNTY CASINOS, Inc P.O. Box 169 Chesterfield, MO 63006
Phone and Fax: 636-728-0603