Would you want the Isle of Capri in your backyard?

Three masked men toting semi-automatic weapons robbed Isle of Capri of $100,000 . . . one person was struck in the mouth. The Associated Press 2/9/00

Tunica County sheriff's deputies killed one man and captured another early Friday morning after two armed, masked men robbed the Isle of Capri Casino of almost $300,000. The Commercial Appeal 8/12/00

Isle of Capri employee jailed on allegations of taking $20,000 from a cash drawer. The Associated Press 2/24/99

MS -- Isle of Capri settled out of court after a lawsuit claimed they unlawfully restrained trade in 1999. Las Vegas Sun 6/15/00

Three persons with past ties to the Isle of Capri were unindicted co-conspirators in the trial that convicted LA's former governor of 17 counts of racketeering, money laundering, conspiracy, fraud and extortion. The Kansas City Star 2/8/00 and The Times-Picayune 7/30/00

The US Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement fined two Mississippi Isle of Capri casinos $377,500 for 75 violations. Sun Herald, The Associated Press 5/6/00

LA -- Panel recommended a $1.3 million fine against the Isle of Capri for four violations of casino regulations. The Associated Press 6/19/98

LA -- Isle of Capri was fined $100,000 and closed for 12 hours as punishment for allowing underage gamblers aboard. "They had citations going back over a long period of time," said chairman Crain. The Associated Press 8/19/98

LA state police moved to suspend the license of the Isle of Capri for failing to keep underage gamblers out of their casino. The Associated Press 03/17/98

LA state police investigation charges that the Isle of Capri intimidated employees to drum up opposition against a slot referendum of a competitor. Affidavits from two former employees and on current employee stated they felt they were intimidated by their supervisors into participating in the program. One of the former Capri employees stated that she was told that if she didn't submit a list of names and the slots issue was approved then "she would be the first to go." Another former employee stated in another affidavit that he "never felt he had a choice". American Press 11/4/99

MS -- Point Cadet Casino, filed suit against the city because a clause in the sublease given to Isle of Capri gave it veto power over any other commercial development at Point Cadet. Las Vegas Review-Journal & AP 1/10/00

MO -- Reducing game tables and adding more slots cost about 30 Isle of Capri dealers their jobs. "They promised this wouldn't happen to us," said one idled dealer who asked not to be identified because it could hamper a job search at other casinos. "It isn't fair. People have families to support."  The Kansas City Star 01/08/01

GULFPORT -The Harrison County Board of Supervisors on Monday unanimously denied a request by Isle of Capri that would lower the casino's tax bill by $143,000 this year. The Sun Herald 12/18/00

LA -- It took several years, cost $100,000, a lengthy lawsuit and legislative pressure for Bossier Parrish and the Isle of Capri to settle fee payment agreements. The Times Editorial Board 3/22/00

LA -- According to Westlake Mayor Dudley Dixon, the Isle of Capri agreed before the start of last year's legislative session that it would pay a room tax but never did. The casino objects to the $3 room tax, saying it will stymie future growth, and has instead presented a series of counterproposals. American Press 9/9/98

The Isle of Capri in Bossier City has cut its work force by 5 percent, eliminating about 75 jobs as poor weather, a weak economy and strong competition have bitten into the customer base. In November 1996, one month after the opening of Casino Magic, the Isle laid off 112 employees. The Times 2/15/01

ST. LOUIS - Isle of Capri Casinos has filed suit against the Mississippi River town of Kimmswick, seeking relief from the city's efforts to prevent the company from building a nearby riverboat casino and hotel. Las Vegas Sun, The Associated Press 12/6/00
The opponents claimed that the company (Isle of Capri) overstated its progress in getting necessary environmental, road and zoning permits. For example, they said no application had been made to the state Department of Transportation for the access road connecting the casino to Highway 61-67. St. Louis Post-Dispatch 9/28/00

Biloxi, Miss.-based Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. reported a net loss of $3 million, or 10 cents per share, for the quarter ending Jan. 28. Las Vegas Sun 2/15/01