Kimmswick Quotes

The Capri president said. "It's right for us." St. Louis Post-Dispatch 4/26/01

The Isle of Capri prides itself on what it calls "Isle style", a cookie cutter approach to building and running casinos with near-identical Caribbean-themed decor and amenities. The Kansas City Star 2/8/00

We are fighting a development that would destroy our way of life.
The Kimmswick Visitor Center

Why should communities be forced to swallow a casino they don't want?
St. Louis Post-Disatch 8/6/00

. . . the immediate Kimmswick area is inhabited by real people who chose to live in a community that is good for raising children and provides a buffer from the through-traffic of major arterial roads.
Citizens Against Kimmswick Area Casinos (CAKAC)

People in the Kimmswick area have a strong sense of history, as many of them are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation residents of this area or, at least, of Jefferson County.
Citizens Against Kimmswick Area Casinos (CAKAC)

Controlling casinos is something that legislators are loath to do. The tax money that casinos wave under legislators' noses is seen as a lucrative source of revenue that he or she does not have to raise otherwise.
Letter to the Missouri Gaming Commission from Ken Peck

"Don't ruin the only diamond in Jefferson County", said Gene Perstrope, whose back deck overlooks the Capri casino site.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 5/31/01

The building of a casino on the Kimmswick site is a "square peg in a round hole." It is totally inappropriate. It would eliminate the small town Character that we hold to very strongly, and would seriously diminish the quality of life of many of our residents.
Citizens Against Kimmswick Area Casinos (CAKAC)

. . . it was ironic that Kimmswick was saved from inundation by the great flood of 93 only to be subjected to the intrusion of a gambling casino. Why should our town be surrendered to a predator business? If a casino were to be placed on the Kimmswick site, then the saving of the town from the 93 flood was in vain.
Ken Peck letter to Cong. Gephardt 9/13/99

A new casino in Kimmswick would destroy a documented prehistoric village where salt was produced from local salt springs, casino opponents said Wednesday. Four archaeological sites lie either in the path of the casinos access road or near the spot where the 35,000-square-foot casino and 200-room hotel would be built, witnesses told the Missouri Gaming Commission.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 5/31/01 Virginia Young

Isle of Capri, perhaps in a throwback to the barons of gambling past, bought itself a little insurance when it moved a trailer onto the land and installed a couple of registered voters who instantly took on the power of veto over annexation. Funny how the industry couldn't operate a gambling riverboat safely, but it could float and land a trailer in the dead of night. Arnold came within a trailer's width of pulling off the worst nightmare possible for the Isle of Capri. Arnold voters nixed gambling in the city of Arnold in a referendum Tuesday while voting yes on annexation to the proposed Isle of Capri site. Only the 2-0 vote from the Isle caretakers saved Chesley Island from being annexed into a town that said it doesn't want gambling within its limits.
By Patrick Martin, Festus Jefferson County Leader 4/5/01

Dick Shepard, a real estate consultant who works for the city of Kimmswick, said that the company's plans show the access road running through historic and prehistoric sites, as well as wetlands.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 4/26/01

If a Casino comes to Kimmswick it's the kind of material that 20/20 and Date Line NBC are made of.
Kimmswick Mayor Brian Selsor in letter to elected and appointed officials. 8/14/00

Kimmswick believes, based on legal counsel, that the county will be, in effect, using its power not for the public good, but the individual gain of private individuals.
The City of Kimmswick

Twelve salt and sulfur springs just north of Kimmswick would be destroyed to make way for a new road to reach the casino site. We object to this site being ruined forever. These springs brought mastodons (visit Mastodon State Historic Site just to the west) and Indians to this area for the salt.
The Kimmswick Historical Society

Small town areas are disappearing at an alarming rate of speed. Our concern is to protect this area and not disrupt the peace and security found here by both residents and small business owners as well as visitors.
The Kimmswick Merchants Association

People of this region do not want the intrusion of a casino. Kimmswick has already made a name for itself by being a small, restored tourist attraction. Visitors enjoy walking the streets, shopping and eating.
Citizens Against Kimmswick Area Casinos (CAKAC)

First, gambling facilities destroy local businesses, particularly small businesses. Kimmswick's business community is entirely made up of small businesses which have become successful through hard work, honestly rendered to a dedicated clientele and an ever-increasing number of new people who discover our town and its shops. It is well documented that there were 55 shops in the mountain town of Central City, Colorado when a casino came into the area. A year after the casino came to town, there were only four shops remaining. Atlantic City lost 50% of its businesses in 14 years. These facts do not speak well for gambling companies. They do not make good neighbors.
Letter to the Missouri Gaming Commission from Ken Peck

Another disturbing thing is that Isle of Capri lawyers have been harassing a local landowner whose property would be needed for the casino's access road. They tried to make him sign a deed that was invalid and indicated that if he didn't "negotiate" with them, that his property (25 acres) would be taken. They offered the man approximately 1/10 of what his property would be worth on the open market. It is unconscionable that a private, for-profit corporation should be allowed the use of eminent domain to take a man's private property.
Ken Peck in letter to MO Senator Kenney

Your state and local representatives are responsible for bringing gambling to us, and by so doing, have failed to guard our best interests.
1993 Kimmswick Life & Liberty

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