Aug. 14, 2000

Dear Senator Bond,
Senator Ashcroft,
Representative Gephardt,
Governor Carnahan,
State Senator Stoll,
St. Louis County Executive Buzz Westfall,
Missouri Gaming Commissioners,

Each of you in your own way has the ability to come and save the town of Kimmswick from the pending embarrassment of having a Casino shoved down the throat of a town which doesn't want it or need it. Enclosed you will find numerous articles and testimonies expressing the preposterous nature of the proposal.

Tonight, as Mayor, I chaired yet another meeting of people whose backyards and front yards are planned to be reduced to a four lane highway to accommodate this ridiculous political proposal. I say political because everyone knows it doesn't make sense. Even the Aisle of Capri and Ameristar who have other applications before the commission for more logical and practical sites believe the Kimmswick site is ludicrous.

Please read the material I've enclosed and do the right thing for the right reasons. Forget the politics and use good old fashioned common sense.

In closing I would like to add this point (in all seriousness). If a Casino comes to Kimmswick it's the kind of material that 20/20 and Date Line NBC are made of.


Brian Selsor, Mayor
Kimmswick, Missouri

PS. We reject the notion or excuse that it's out of any of your particular jurisdiction or it’s exclusively a state matter, etc., etc.