TO: All Members of the Missouri Gaming Commission

FROM: Citizens Against Kimmswick Area Casinos (CAKAC) 19 December 2000

Subject: Kimmswick Demographics and Casino Placement

The purpose of this bound portfolio is to visually acquaint you with our town through a series of selected photos of residences, historic buildings, shops, restaurants, City Hall and schools. In addition, there is an outline map of Kimmswick and immediately adjacent areas, including the proposed casino site.   Click here to see the map of Kimmswick

An attempt has been made to show the map locations of many of the buildings and other sites in our area. The approximate location of the saline springs used by ancient and modern (1800's) peoples is shown near the lake. The archeological significance of these springs is important and needs to be affirmed by people who are competent and trustworthy in the interpretation and reporting of their findings.

A dashed line indicates the approximate route of the access road from U.S. Highway 61-67 to the casino Site.

  • The point of all of this is that the immediate Kimmswick area is inhabited by real people who chose to live in a community that is good for raising children and provides a buffer from the through-traffic of major arterial roads. Residences are, for the most part, shown in black, along with a couple of churches. Schools are shown in dark green.

  • The map shows shops and historic residences, seen as the red squares. People who use or live in these buildings do so by choice, not because they were forced to.

  • The casino Site is too close to residences, not only in Kimmswick proper, but also those homes east of Montebello Road.

  • The casino site is also too close to schools, namely the Windsor School Kindergarten on Fifth Street (a little over 1000 feet) the Queen of Apostles Preschool and Daycare, (the property is less than a half mile), and the Windsor School Campus (a little over a half mile).

  • Kimmswick is a destination chosen by many people who return again and again. There are more than 40 listed small businesses in town whose personal service and tasteful merchandise have cultivated these people over the years.

  • People in the Kimmswick area have a strong sense of history, as many of them are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation residents of this area or, at least, of Jefferson County. Further, Kimmswick has a wonderful, small museum dedicated to the history of Kimmswick and surrounding communities. This museum was built with private funds raised by the Kimmswick Historical Society.

To summarize:

1. The building of a casino on the Kimmswick site is a "square peg in a round hole." It is totally inappropriate. It would eliminate the small town Character that we hold to very strongly, and would seriously diminish the quality of life of many of our residents.

2. The saline springs archeological site will prove to be important. Information about the springs is not complete and they will need to be studied further. Should construction workers who may be working around this site encounter old graves, they will more than likely have to face the Missouri Burial Law that protects unmarked graves. The December 2000 edition of the National Geographic, contains a feature article titled, Hunt for the First Americans. The map supplement accompanying the article marks the Kimmswick site.

3. That private property is to be taken by the Casino, a private, for-profit corporation by eminent domain Is also inappropriate and unconscionable. It would wrongfully take private properties for a pittance or by default.

4. The "for the greater good" portion of the eminent domain process has a noble-sounding utopian ring to it, but says, in effect, that what's ours is ours what's yours is negotiable, and benefits only those who invoke it for the purpose of taking private properties from people who have owned or cared for them for years. Perhaps for a hospital, but not a casino. A good neighbor doesn't take your land away. In this case, eminent domain would work for special (i.e., limited) interests only.

5. The establishment of a casino on the Kimmswick site abrogates all that we want our town and the surrounding area to be: a safe haven for the good quality of life that its residents and merchants have established. This is about the greater good of the people who live and work here.

An article from the December 14, 2000, issue of the Arnold-Imperial Leader has more information on this.