Excerpts from five local organizations united to
oppose the proposal of a casino in Kimmswick

The City of Kimmswick

Kimmswick has overwhelmingly turned down the prospect of having a casino. In granting a license, the Gaming Commission would be placing into jeopardy the constitutional amendment and the laws which govern gaming in Missouri. Kimmswick believes, based on legal counsel, that the county will be, in effect, using its power not for the public good, but the individual gain of private individuals. Aside from the ethical issues, at no time is it legal for the county to assist in any way these wealthy investors with public funds.

There is overwhelming evidence that the fundamental culture and economy of Kimmswick would be negatively affected for years. We have no taxes aside from a sales tax, have had budget surpluses for the last 10 years, and property values continue to increase. To allow property values to decline by granting a casino license would be both irresponsible and illegal. In addition, a community exists to sustain and protect the will of the people who live in that community. This includes the cultural atmosphere of a long established community whose fundamental nature would be changed forever.

The Kimmswick Historical Society

The Kimmswick Historical Society is 100% against the locating of a casino on the Mississippi River northeast of Kimmswick. Our concern is destruction of historical areas.

The land on which the casino would build is rich in Indian artifacts. We lie in the heart of America's great waterways system. Water, essential for life, made this area always favorable for habitation. On any walking of the property, there are many surface finds of artifacts. The Anheuser property to the south has petroglyphs in the rock and the Herrell site to the west when dug in the 1940s produced a pre-historic Indian village and burial site and the pans from salt producing activities.

Twelve salt and sulfur springs just north of Kimmswick would be destroyed to make way for a new road to reach the casino site. We object to this site being ruined forever. These springs brought mastodons (visit Mastodon State Historic Site just to the west) and Indians to this area for the salt. And we object to the taking of this private property from an owner unwilling to part with his property.

The Kimmswick Merchants Association

The Charm and warmth of small town America and the overall loss of historical areas are in jeopardy. Constructions on a certified archeological site is not acceptable. The loss of 12 sulfur springs used by ancient early Americans is not acceptable.

Small town areas are disappearing at an alarming rate of speed. Our concern is to protect this area and not disrupt the peace and security found here by both residents and small business owners as well as visitors.

The increased need for police protection due to the influx of many people coming into the area to gamble and the vandalism that will follow by natural course will cause undue hardship on the City of Kimmswick budget. At present no full time police force is available nor necessary.

Area roads into the Kimmswick area are two lane roads that now become congested on normal daily basis. With the thousand of vehicles predicted by the casino, it will be undo hardship on not only the local residents but on the Jefferson County emergency vehicles.

This is the only area proposed casino site that is so close in proximity to residential areas. These casinos are not wanted nor needed in the Kimmswick area.

CAKAC (a local citizen's group opposed to casinos)

The Kimmswick site is unacceptable for many reasons. The Windsor School campus is very close by and the new Windsor Kindergarten is right at 1000 feet from the proposed casino site. The present streets are not able to handle large volumes of traffic. The Kimmswick Police Department could not supervise the potential crowds. And the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department would be overburdened.

People of this region do not want the intrusion of a casino. Kimmswick has already made a name for itself by being a small, restored tourist attraction. Visitors enjoy walking the streets, shopping and eating. Except for special events, there are no traffic jams, and there never have been any glitzy billboards. The proposed casino site is separated from a number of residential properties just outside of Kimmswick by only a single railroad bed.

Why destroy neighborhoods to provide gambling?

The Kimmswick Visitor Center

The Kimmswick Visitor's Center has had visitors from every state and thirty-seven foreign countries.

It has been shown that a Casino in an area reduces the amount of discretionary income in that area. Also, that the small shops (Mom and Pop) in the area fail and go out of business. If one shop fails, a domino effect happens, the salespersons who work in the shop, the delivery person, the person who makes the goods, and sales tax for the State and County and City are affected.

In the past, casinos have been put into areas that do not have a residential base such as downtown St. Louis river front, St. Charles, and River Port in Maryland Heights.

A Casino in the Kimmswick area would be placed in an area that is basically residential. The routes to the Casino would be over two lane roads that wind through a residential area. The two routes from Highway 55 would be Main Street Imperial and Richardson Road. Neither route would be abel to handle the increased traffic.

At this time, the City of Kimmswick bases its City Budget on Sales Tax from the shops restaurants and bed and breakfasts. If the businesses fail, the City of Kimmswick would be in financial trouble.

"We are fighting a development that would destroy our way of life."