The FBI and the Department of Justice say Internet gambling serves as a medium for money laundering activities, and can be exploited by terrorists to that end. Congress has a chance to address this issue when it considers legislation I have co-sponsored, H.R. 4777, the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. The bill cracks down on illegal gambling by updating the law to cover all forms of interstate gambling and account for new technologies. Under current federal law, it is unclear whether using the Internet to operate a gambling business is illegal. This act will preserve states' ability to regulate gambling within their borders, but with better controls so that it does not extend beyond their borders or to minors. It gives law enforcement clear authority to investigate, prosecute and terminate offshore Internet gambling sites that violate U.S. law.
It also gives the Department of Justice the ability to compel credit card companies and other financial institutions to block the financial transactions of gambling establishments overseas -- thus, drying up their sources of funding.
Online gambling sites prey on easy targets for big money/

A northern Kentucky man remained behind bars on Thursday after police say he went on a rampage on Tuesday, killing his wife, his daughter and her boyfriend. Edie said that Joyce Richardson told them her husband was in financial trouble and may have been addicted to online gambling.
Family, Friends Mourn Newport Shooting Victims/

MO - A Cedar Hill woman is facing felony wire fraud charges after she allegedly stole more than $631,000 from her employer to pay on-line gambling debts.
Cedar Hill woman indicted on fraud charges/

AZ - The story involves an accountant from Phoenix, Mark Erickson, who started betting on sport on the Internet. He "always craved a piece of the action" so the accountant started betting on sports over the Internet. He accrued over $400,000 in gambling debts, and speaks of his addiction, likening it to cocaine addiction and how it became an all consuming activity, whether he won or lost. He blames the addiction for starting to steal money from his clients, and eventually considered going to Mexico to either kill himself or find someone else who would do it.
Online Gambling Addiction - Perfect For Media Sensationalism/

Chris Armentano, director of the Problem Gambling Services for the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, said 11 children under the age of 18 are enrolled in the state's treatment programs for gambling problems. "Our youngest was gambling online and created a significant amount of debt and ended up stealing from neighbors."
Young children in CT seeking help for gambling problems/

CA - A teenager who was accused two years ago in a $1 million securities fraud scheme has now been charged with conspiring to steal from a local bank. Court documents say Bartiromo told the employee, identified as Thorsten Kuklinski, that Bartiromo was to wire the money overseas, make a profit by gambling on the Internet, then return the original money "before the account holder was aware the money was missing."
Three Charged in Calif. Bank Scheme/

MO - County authorities accused a 51-year-old woman Wednesday of bilking more than $23,000 from companies for which she worked as a bookkeeper. She was addicted to Internet gambling, they allege.
Bookkeeper allegedly stole cash for gambling/

Internet wagering is a growing phenomenon among adolescents because they love the thrill of risk and are comfortable with interactive games, gambling experts said yesterday. Teen gambling came to the forefront in a most dramatic way this week, as Lower Canada College had to deal with a student who initiated a counterfeit money scheme to finance gambling debts of thousands of dollars.
Internet gambling a magnet for teens/The Gazette/10.15.04

ME - A Somerset County Superior Court jury deliberated for a half-hour Tuesday before finding disbarred lawyer John P. Frankenfield guilty of stealing over $164,000 from the estate of his grandfather. Jennifer Kuo, a fraud investigator who works for PayPal, a subsidiary of the online auction company eBay, testified that about $60,000 flowed from Frankenfield's bank account to an online gambling site.
Lawyer guilty in embezzlement/Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc./1.19.05

IL - A former Libertyville pastor who pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing about $44,000 in church funds was sentenced to 90 days of work-release in Lake County Jail.
M. is a gambling addict and began stealing money in November 2001 to gamble on the Internet,...
Gambling ex-pastor gets work-release/

IL - More than 100 Central Illinois residents had their identities stolen and their money diverted to pay for a Bloomington man's gambling habits, police said. DeWitt County Sheriff Roger Massey said Tuesday that Robert D. Crutchley, 31, is accused of setting up debit accounts and electronically transferring funds that were used on telephone or Internet gambling sites.
Police: Man stole identities to gamble/

Another week, another sad story about how Internet gambling caused the downfall of another once virtuous ordinary citizen. This time, it's an anonymous woman from Cass County, who embezzled $65,000 from her employers to feed her online gambling habit.
Woman blames online gambling for $65,000 fraud/

Mark Erickson always craved a piece of the action -- so the accountant from Phoenix started betting on sports over the Internet. Three and a half years ago, Erickson accrued $400,000 in gambling debts. Desperate, he began stealing from his clients. And when they caught on, he left his family and fled.
Online Gambling: A Growing Addiction/

CT - And in Wallingford, a 15-year-old became so addicted to poker that after he ran out of his own money, he took his parents' credit cards so he could play online, lost $5,000, then broke into a friend's house and stole $3,500. In two days, she said, her son and his friends had run up $5,000 in debt on her credit cards, which her son had stolen.
As Adolescents Bet, More Are Having Gambling Problems/

NC - Authorities say they have traced thousands of dollars taken from a Moore County government account for purchases on stock trading and gambling Web sites. Nearly $50,000 was taken from the account for the Moore County Clerk of Court's office.
Man charged with transferring county funds for Web purchases/

OR - Over objections from prosecutors, a Washington County Circuit judge ruled that a bookkeeper accused of embezzling $278,000 from a Beaverton company may remain free without posting bail. Ronald Hoevet, Irwin's attorney, says Irwin is addicted to online gambling.
Embezzlement suspect freed without bail/

PA - The sophomore class president at Lehigh University ... -- accused of robbing a bank -- may have been trying to feed a gambling habit. He ... had been playing over the Internet for months to blow off steam, and the hobby quickly became an addiction.
Lawyer says gambling addiction led to bank robbery charges/

PA - Class president,... chaplain's office assistant ... bank robber? Class of 2008 president ... was arrested on Friday on charges of bank robbery, and now the sophomore class leader faces up to 20 years in prison. A double major at the school, Hogan turned to online poker to take some of the pressure off his hectic school life, and, according to his lawyer John Waldron, he soon racked up debts of $5,000.
University Class President Robs Bank After Racking Up Poker Debt/

He was president of his class at Lehigh University. He is so talented a musician he played at Carnegie Hall as a teenager. He is the son of a Baptist preacher from Ohio. And he's headed to prison. Greg Hogan, 20, pleaded guilty to bank robbery. This sad story is part of the continuing human tragedy of addiction to gambling. Why can't we get action now on legislation to curb Internet gambling? How many more hearts must be broken?
Internet Gambling--The Human Dimension

VA - Leaving the casino city solved the problem, or so Franklin thought, until, in the privacy of his own home, he discovered online casinos. Before long, he was dropping hundreds of dollars a night, eventually losing more than $10,000 at Internet casinos. He was lying to his wife, betting away the family budget, borrowing money from friends to pay the growing gambling debts. Things didn't reach a head until he was caught stealing something from a store, an act he still doesn't fully understand because he had the money to pay for the item.
Men tell of life-threatening habit/The Free Lance-Star/1.18.05

WI - The University of Wisconsin student accused of murdering three Verona roommates, to whom he owed thousands in gambling debts,...The 19-year-old student has been charged with shooting an acquaintance who helped him place bets with an offshore gambling company in Jamaica. The suspect, Meng-Ju "Mark" Wu, told police he had lost $15,000 gambling...-----Meng-Ju "Mark" Wu, 20, was found hanging from a sprinkler head in his jail cell shortly before 1 a.m. Deputies tried to revive him but were unsuccessful. Wu could have been sentenced to life in prison if a jury would have convicted him of three counts of first-degree intentional homicide in the slayings of Jason McGuigan, 28, Daniel Swanson, 25, and Dustin Wilson, 17. They were found shot to death June 26, 2003, in their Verona apartment.
To fight gambling addiction, focus on prevention/ & Defendant kills self in Madison jail/

TN - A former investment officer at Civitas BankGroup Inc. faces up to 40 years in prison, as well as more than $1 million in fines, for stealing $453,000 from the Franklin bank in a fraud scheme. He also was engaging in suspicious transactions such as with a sports-gambling-related Web site.
Former bank executive faces fines, jail sentence/

TX - It was a three-year crime spree that affected between 23 and 34 small and medium-size city halls around Texas -- from as far north as Wichita Falls and as far south as Victoria to as far west as Midland and as far east as Texarkana. Woods, 34, pleaded guilty recently to breaking into municipal buildings, taking cash he found in drawers, safes and lockboxes, and using it to cover his Internet gambling debts.
It Takes a Thief -- and a Whole Lot of City Halls -- to Keep Him Busy/

Mark, 17, who burglarized cars to get money to support his gambling habit, seemed stunned after a night in jail. "That night, I was just thinking about how much gambling has ruined my life.
Once the "addict" starts chasing losses, the real trouble begins. Add to this poker explosion Internet gambling sites operating 24/7 and you've got a true recipe for disaster. Once the "addict" starts chasing losses, the real trouble begins. Add to this poker explosion Internet gambling sites operating 24/7 and you've got a true recipe for disaster.
Gambling's new teenage heroes (and victims)/San Francisco Chronicle/1.11.06

A former Pechanga casino executive who embezzled about $500,000 from his employer was sentenced to four years in prison, the maximum allowed in his plea agreement, it was reported Thursday. Supporters of Paul Del Vacchio, who admitted he used the money to fuel his online gambling addiction,...
Former Pechange casino exec sentenced in embezzlement case/

MI - A man from Wayne County's Canton Township is accused of gaining access to people's financial accounts by stealing their mail. Police said the man made electronic withdrawals from victims' accounts, then moved the funds to an online account he created to pay for Internet gambling.
Man Accused Of Stealing Mail To Take Information/
A woman stole more than $12,000 from a Bethlehem area business and said she used the money to support her and her boyfriend's addiction to crack cocaine and online gambling, police say.
Woman stole checks to pay for drugs, gambling/Allentown Morning Call/5.17.06

It still is, to such an extent that gambling rings involving betting on college basketball resulted in arrests at Mt. Carmel, St. Rita and Marist high schools in Chicago in the past week. The arrests underscore that the bug has begun to afflict kids younger than ever. According to the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, the percentage of males between the ages of 14 and 22 who gambled each month increased from 48 percent in 2004 to 57 percent last year.
"I call it the silent addiction and it's going to be more prevalent this month than ever," said Alexander Roseborough, the president of the Illinois Council on Problem Gambling. "I still don't think there's as much publicity and awareness as there should be on this problem, maybe because colleges are concerned about the effect it could have on enrollment. But it's real and it's growing."
Nothing has contributed to that growth more than the Internet, where more than $2 billion in online bets are expected during the NCAA tournament.
Student gambling on rise? You bet/Chicago Tribune/3.16.06

Co-workers were laid off and had to take pay cuts because she was secretly stealing money from her employer, but Georgia Marie Irwin kept gambling. The 52-year-old former attorney was arrested and accused of embezzling $275,000 from EasyStreet Online Services, but she kept gambling. She said she lost the money gambling online using an offshore Web site.
"I never stole before," Irwin said.
Embezzler pleads guilty, blames Internet gambling habit/

The fastest growing group of gamblers is not gray-haired seniors taking junkets to nearby casinos, but their grandchildren. These teens are not losing the farm (yet) n it's their college money that's often up for grabs as they gamble away their future in high-stakes poker games, Internet gambling, or off-track sporting events. "When someone is drunk, you can see it immediately, but if someone has lost $10,000 on Internet gambling and plans to recoup it the next day, the signs are invisible," she notes. "That is why gambling is called the hidden disease." He recently met a 21-year-old at a Gambler's Anonymous meeting whose story is becoming all too familiar. "He was an OSU college senior and had gambled away his last semester's tuition playing Internet blackjack. "Because he was broke and in debt, he ended up spending two months living in the library and eating food from the trash cans and dumpsters. And he was using the library computer to try to create scams to hustle cash to continue gambling." Parents should not wait until they discover their credit cards are being used by their kids for Internet gambling or that money is being stolen from their wallets to feed a gambling addiction."
You can bet on it/

Of course, most of the consequences fall far short of death: A college freshman forced to drop out of school after turning into a 24-hour-a-day Internet poker player. The teenage girl looting her mother's checking account. The teenage boy who graduated from neighborhood poker games to stealing his parents' credit cards.
More teens are betting their lives/

NH - Detectives found numerous transfers from the Depot Square Holdings accounts into Crawford's personal account and other transfers from Crawford's accounts to several Internet gambling sites, according to the document. Police allege in the affidavit that she embezzled $236,126.96 of Derry Depot Square Holdings LLC funds to feed her addiction.
Crawford admitted gambling addiction/Union Leader Correspondent/12.29.05

Wright (CFO) is charged with embezzling more that $5 million dollars from Union Savings Bank and investigators believe it may have been used for online gambling.
Bank officer jailed on embezzlement charges/

RACINE - Rebecca L. Schreiner lost a lot of money gambling online - about $1,100 - according to Racine County Circuit Court records. That's a problem. Schreiner, 27, Franklin, was charged Tuesday with misappropriation of personal ID theft, a felony. She could face up to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted.
Online gambling leads to charges/

Wright (CFO and Vice President of a bank) says in his plea agreement that he used most of the embezzled money ($5 million) to fund Internet gambling accounts he'd opened.
Former Albuquerque banker sentenced for theft/www.kobtv.com05.26.06

According to court records, Schreiner was staying at the home of a Caledonia couple, and used the personal identifying information, including bank account information, of one of her hosts to access an online gambling site.

The women, who almost always had children, were desperate. Their husband or boyfriend had gambled away his paycheck, usually for two or three weeks in a row, and the callers didn't know how they were going to pay the rent or put food on the table for the rest of the month. The epidemic of unregulated online gambling affects families all over the country. Online gambling puts the equivalent of a casino - open all night, with no lines, waiting, age restrictions or regulation - in every American home. The sums of money involved in online gambling are huge. According to Sports Illustrated, online poker players wager an average of $200 million every day, and the industry generates more than $2.2 billion in gross revenue annually. That is just poker. Online sports books are an even bigger business, which is why every major professional sports league - Major League Baseball, the NFL, NBA, NHL - and the NCAA support restricting online gambling. Americans who lose money to swindlers who operate an online casino have no effective recourse. Online casinos can be fronts or money-laundering operations for organized crime, drug dealers, identity thieves or even terrorists. Even if you win at an online casino, there is a chance that you will never collect, and there is nothing you can do about it.
With Internet connections in most U.S. households, online gambling puts a casino right in your home. Internet gambling is a clear violation of the spirit and intent of our laws. We need to give law enforcement agencies every tool possible to crack down on the shadowy, illegal and dangerous world of Internet gambling. It is time to outlaw Internet gambling. Now.John Shadegg is a United States congressman representing Arizona's 3rd congressional district. The district consists of much of central and north Phoenix, Paradise Valley and the communities of Carefree, Cave Creek and Anthem.
Video gaming machines removed from 13 sitesJohn Shadegg Arizona Congressman
The state of Connecticut has ordered the closure of an online gambling site owned by Penn National Gaming Inc. This news comes just one month after the Division of Special Revenue ordered Foxwood’s Resort Casino to remove a web promotion from the Internet as it was considered to be Internet gambling.
Online Casino Halted by State of Conneticut/

A former Madison lawyer indicted for robbing his grandfather's estate of more than $166,000 and using the money to gamble over the Internet has been disbarred by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.
Former Madison lawyer charged in estate theft disbarred/Bangor Daily News/9.15.04

New London? A college student recently confessed that his gambling debt is equal to the amount of his student loans. A high school senior stole drugs from the pharmacy where he worked to support his betting habit. The wild popularity of televised poker and the easy access to Internet gambling, not to mention the presence in southeastern Connecticut of two of the world's largest casinos, are exposing more young people to gambling and potential problems, said experts who spoke to a handful of people Wednesday at a forum at Connecticut College.
Youth Betting Is On The Rise/

FL - Federal authorities have arrested at least a dozen men suspected of taking part in a betting ring that scammed millions of dollars from gamblers across the country.
...the suspects ran the scam under three different businesses..., providing betting services and referring gamblers to offshore betting parlors. return, the businesses received kickbacks from the parlors.
At least 12 arrested in gambling scam//

A notorious scammer and sometimes lawyer involved in questionable Orlando-area financial deals for a decade was sentenced in a Wisconsin court Friday to five years in prison for his role in a felony gambling and money-laundering conspiracy. The crimes for which Tedder was sentenced on Friday are connected to an Internet-gambling company for which he laundered $10.7 million through bank accounts in Ireland, the Bahamas, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the United States.
Fla. scammer sentenced to 5 years in prison/The Orlando Sentinel/8.24.03

Computer crime authorities in Russia and the UK have arrested three men, suspected of running a major extortion ring and accused of blackmailing online sports betting Web sites.
The three men, all in their twenties, are believed to be part of a criminal gang that e-mailed blackmail threats to online gambling sites. They allegedly use thousands of compromised "zombie" computers to launch distributed denial of service attacks if no money was given.
Police investigate suspected online gambling extortion ring/ZDNet Australia/7.27.04

Australia - Faithfull was last year convicted of stealing almost $19 million from his Karratha Commonwealth Bank branch, in Western Australia's north, to fund a five-year gambling frenzy. Faithfull was a small-time gambler until technology allowed him to place unlimited bets discreetly over the internet with betting operators.
Online bookies on notice/
TUCSON - If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A woman said she's out $100,000 because of an Internet lottery scam.
Woman out $100,000 in lottery scam/

Federal prosecutors in Pittsburgh have filed papers to seize nearly $5 million from various corporate bank accounts in Belize as part of an ongoing Internal Revenue Service investigation of a gambling business in the Central American nation. The forfeiture request is the second filing here in the probe of CaribSports, which takes wagers online or over the phone from bettors in the United States. Rogers, Thorne, Mowad and others named and unnamed are under investigation for alleged unlawful transmission of wagering information, mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.
IRS targets Belize gambling operation/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/3.5.04

Online betting on the lucrative Grand National is under threat from hackers who are blackmailing internet bookmakers with demands for money. If they are not paid, the hackers say they will launch a co-ordinated electronic attack that could cost the betting industry heavily in lost business in the run-up to Britain's premier betting event in April.
Grand National bets under threat from hacker ring/Financial

But it works just as well for a national soccer scandal that, for many, has been a painful twist in Brazil's old story of corruption and dirty money. Wednesday's match was among the first three of 11 games that Brazil's Tribunal of Sports Justice has ordered replayed after two referees, Edilson Pereira de Carvalho and Paulo Jose Danelon, admitted last month to taking bribes from Internet gamblers for throwing games, including those involving the top teams in the country.
Familiar tale of corruption spills onto Brazil's beloved soccer fields/

There have been a few prosecutions of American operators of overseas casinos. In 1998, Jay Cohen, an American citizen who set up an online sports betting operation in Antigua, was charged with violating the Wire Wager Act. In 2000, after he returned to the United States to fight the charge, he was convicted in federal court and sentenced to 21 months in prison.
An Industry That Dares Not Meet in the Country of Its Best Customers/

CANADA - Three men from the Moncton area have been charged with defrauding the Atlantic Lottery Corporation and an American on-line gaming company.
Three facing lottery charges/CBC News/2.22.05

At issue is the Foxwoods Resort Casino promotion PlayAway, an Internet-based game that allows gamblers to buy keno tickets at the casino, check their status from home, then play a simulated slot machine or a hand of blackjack or poker that wins or loses depending on the keno results. Foxwoods officials, who launched the game then quickly shut it down because of state protest last week, say it's just a different way of displaying traditional keno results, which are already available online. But state officials believe it is Internet gambling and have threatened a federal lawsuit if Foxwoods puts the game back online. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says the software crosses the line into Internet gambling, which is illegal. If this promotion is approved, he said there's nothing to stop the tribe from coming back for another slight change later.
All eyes on Connecticut in Internet gaming dispute/

A month after shutting down a Web promotion by Foxwoods Resort Casino, the state of Connecticut has ordered a halt to an Internet gambling site run by Penn National Gaming Inc. The Connecticut Lottery was also blocked from introducing a computer-based gambling game two years ago.
Connecticut Halts Internet Race Wagering/

Pasquale is the last of 14 men charged in April with running several illegal sports gambling operations. Pasquale agreed to plead guilty late Tuesday to one count of violating the federal Wire Wager Act by directing clients to bet on suggested sports teams with offshore casinos, which, in turn, wired money to Pasquale's businesses for sending his customers there.
Fort Myers man pleads guilty to role in illegal sports gambling operation/

HUNGARY -- As reported by the Business Journal: "Locals using the services of foreign-headquartered online gambling operations may find themselves in trouble when it comes to claiming their prizes, because such services are considered to be illegal under Hungary's Gambling Act, an official at the Gambling Supervision (SzT) warned last week.
Online Gambling Runs Foul of Local Laws/
S. KOREA - In the real world, however, Lim's (12 YR OLD) love affair with the fantasy game saw him fall foul of the law after he stole $16,000 from his father and ran away to feed a passion for online gaming.
S Korea grapples with online gaming addicts/

"Gambling on college campuses is [an] epidemic, and Internet gambling is probably the fastest-growing type of campus gambling," Edward Looney, director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey... The council receives more than 20,000 calls a year, including more than 4,000 from addicted gamblers, The Morning Call noted. More than 80 percent of the 4,000 have committed crimes to fund their gambling habit, and 78 percent said the mounting debts have led them to consider suicide.
Internet bets hook collegians/

One businessman in the Capital racked up £70,000 on his company expenses account in only two months, after clearing his bank account and "maxing" his credit cards through online gambling. His problem was such that he blew around £150,000 on online-betting in the space of a few months.
Gambling 'epidemic' blamed on net bets/

UK - AN online gambler was arrested for allegedly stealing more than £1million from his bosses to fund betting sprees.
Online gambler 'stole from firm to fund his spree'/

UK - DAD was facing ruin last night after gambling a staggering ?1.9MILLION with internet betting firms. The company accountant raided funds from the family firm and even blew his eight-year-old daughter’s ?15,000 savings to feed his addiction.
Dad ruined over huge bets/

UK - A COUPLE yesterday admitted the "appalling" neglect of their four young children after becoming addicted to internet games. Police and social workers said the case, in which the starving siblings, aged from eight to 18 months, were left to fend for themselves as their parents played online, was one of the worst they had ever witnessed.
Online addicts left children to live in filth/

UK - AN ONLINE gambling addict stole thousands from a travel agency owned by Phillip Schofield, the television presenter, as she tried to bet her way out of debt, a court was told yesterday. Schofield, the daytime TV host, is a director and stars in the television advertisement for Lets Go Travel, where Cindy Streets ran the bureau de change at the Exeter branch. Streets, 21, stole £26,100 (almost $45,000) in four weeks to feed her addiction to online poker and internet betting exchanges.
Online poker addict jailed for a year/

The program includes an interview with Amherst Town Justice Mark Farrell. He presides over the first gambling court in the country, which focuses on counseling and treatment as alternatives to prison. But he tells Roker's program that there has been a spike in gambling cases. And he is concerned about its impact on teens who can play on the Internet on out-of-country sites that aren't subject to American law. "They are doing the kind of things a drug addict would do to find cocaine to feed that particular habit," said Farrell of problem gamblers.
Al Roker's report on dangers of gambling features a visit to Amherst Town Court/

ND - "Given the same set of circumstances, I'd do it again," he said in an interview Thursday, the day his former employers, Susan Bala and Raymundo Diaz Jr. of Racing Services Inc., went to federal court on a dozen charges of money laundering and running an illicit gambling business. The federal indictment released Wednesday charges Bala, Diaz and their companies with running an illegal gambling business, conspiring to set up and run the business, money laundering, conspiring to launder money and illegal wire transmission. The state's criminal complaint alleges Bala and Diaz used the Internet betting project as a front for illegal activity.
Former worker plays integral role in probe/The Forum/12.19.03

In October, these extortion rackets became the second of two major investigations for Britain's National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (the other is "spoofing"--phony sites set up to steal credit-card numbers and other personal information). Now, the authorities say, this is shaping up as one of the biggest seasons ever for online betting--and for cyber-extortion, as well--with all the usual summer sports events topped by the Athens Olympics.
Global gangsters are extorting money from online casinos with a novel threat: we'll spam you to death/

Fraudulent gaming sites are accepting bets, not paying off, and disappearing with players' cash; young people are illegally using their parents' credit cards; and identity thieves are gaining access to credit cards and bank accounts and using them to gamble at innocent consumers' expense. A California woman who thought she was using play money recently accumulated $60,000 in credit card debt playing blackjack, roulette, and slot machines online. A New Hampshire soccer mom topped that with a $75,000 debt. A teenager in Wisconsin lost $35,000 on her mother's credit card. A retired teacher in Arkansas was victimized by identity theft and found himself facing a $47,000 online gambling debt.
Online gambling can put consumers at risk/

As Super Bowl weekend approaches, Mickey Richardson, general manager of BetCRIS, an online gambling site based in Costa Rica, readies himself for the action. But there's also a cloud hanging over his, and other gambling sites' profitable Feb. 6 weekend. An e-mail could come at any moment threatening to take down the site unless $40,000 or more is paid to an anonymous account. Online gambling was, and still is, an industry ripe for the picking and extortion attempts like these are fairly common, not just around the Super Bowl.
Gambling Sites Hedging Bets/

On receipt of an email from Dr Brown Mike to say he had won USD 1 million in a mysterious "internet lottery", Cormac Mac Ruairi wasted no time in ringing up to collect his loot. The scam begins with a letter, email or call from a "government official or businessman" -- supposedly based in Nigeria -- telling the recipient "confidentially" that a large amount of money is available and help is needed to transfer the money. In exchange, people are offered a share of the profits. The only drawback, is that the "help" involves paying over an advance fee or providing your bank account details. Some forms of the email claim to be sent by a relative or former associate of the late General Sani Abacha of Nigeria or some other odious and corrupt African dictator.
Don't be taken in by internet lottery scams/Expatica - Netherlands/7.14.05

But while officials like Epstein tout the benefits of Internet gambling, others blame the popularity of online casinos for new woes, especially among young people. According to the University of Pennsylvania's 2005 National Annenberg Risk Survey of Youth, young people who bet on card games are more likely to gamble on Internet sites. On a monthly basis, 19.6 percent of young men reported gambling online, according to the survey. "Online is horrible," said Brenda Sprague, co-owner and addictions counselor at Walter DUI and Counseling Services in Charleston. She said gambling addictions -- online or otherwise -- can lead to white collar crimes, as addicts embezzle money to pay for their habits.
When the chips are down gambling - Good or Bad?/
Journal Gazette and Times-Courier, IL/2.2.06

Gambling addicts are likely to steal money from family, roommates or friends. Be suspicious of a sudden change in patterns of making and getting phone calls and a sudden increase in calls from strangers. Gambling addicts will often have changes in sleep patterns, too, including sleep deprivation.
Gambling addiction can ensnare teens/The News Journal, DE/7.11.05

The US Department of Justice's intimidating blitz on the advertising media in the States chalked up a win this week when The Sporting News, one of the nation's oldest sports-centered media companies, entered into a $7.2 million "settlement" to resolve accusations that it promoted online gambling by publishing and broadcasting advertisements for online casinos overseas, the Department of Justice announced.

The former owner of three St. Louis sports radio stations agreed Friday to pay almost $159,000 to settle a federal criminal investigation into the company's receipt of money for advertising from illegal offshore gambling operations.
KFNS settles with government over betting ads/

The scheme resulted in AOL customers being sent unsolicited advertisements ...and Internet gambling come-ons, prosecutors said Wednesday. Dunaway used it to send gambling ads and then sold it to spammers, a criminal complaint said.
Prosecutors - 92 million AOL screen names sold to spammers/

While the legality of online poker is being hotly debated, there's no question that for-profit gambling clubs are against the law. Area clubs, such as the one where GP2 plays, typically charge players $4 to $5 per half-hour; some also take a percentage of the winnings. In April, police raided an illegal club in Dover allegedly run by a Roxbury police sergeant.
Web poker can lead to real-world addiction/

OH - Tom Noe used state money to try to pump up an online gambling company in which he and other prominent Republicans were investors, records show. Mr. Noe invested at least $100,000 of the state’s rare-coin money into financially troubled Games Inc., which has plummeted in value in the last year as its CEO Roger Ach II, a politically connected Cincinnati businessman, sought public contracts.
Noe invested Ohio's money in gambling firm/CINCINNATI ENQUIRER/7.27.05

SC - The online sweepstakes terminals offer a basic game of chance and award prizes for winners chosen at random. The terminals, which are computers connected to the Internet, are not illegal. But police say what is done with the terminals is. The State Law Enforcement Division recently seized several sweepstakes terminals and other equipment from three York County businesses, the first such seizures in South Carolina. SLED says state gambling laws were violated because
• its agents paid to play the games;
• the terminals offered a game of chance; and
• the agents received cash prizes or reimbursements to their debit cards.
When all three components are found, the games are illegal, according to SLED.
Games take a chance at law/

Internet gambling is only about 10 years old, but already it is raking in huge amounts of cash despite being outlawed in the United States. "Gambling is metastasizing," said Tom Grey, executive director of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling, based in Washington. Online wagers "will increase the addiction, the bankruptcy, the crime and corruption we're already getting," Grey said.

LONDON (Reuters) - Organised crime gangs are shaking down Internet betting sites on the eve of American football's Super Bowl, threatening to unleash a crippling data attack unless they pay a "protection" fee, police and site operators said.
Net crime gangs hit gambling sites/

TX - Clear Channel Communications Inc. and a number of media companies have been issued subpoenas as a part of a probe into advertising by illegal Internet gaming sites.
Case looks at Clear Channel over Web gambling/

UK - Britain plans to hold global online gaming talks this year to seek support for its move to regulate the fast growing industry and help protect children from gaining access to the businesses' Web sites."We want to initiate a discussion about problem areas which include protection of children, advertising, money laundering and criminal infiltration," said Anthony Wright, a spokesman for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on Monday. Online poker has surged in popularity as it pulls in a wider audience than traditional casino gambling -- often including women and younger players who may not have visited casinos.
UK to hold global talks on online gaming/

RUSSIA - Law enforcement agencies claimed a victory on Wednesday night in their fight against a new breed of international cyber-criminal after the suspected ringleaders of an internet protection racket were rounded up in Russia. The men are believed to have been responsible for mounting "distributed denial of service" computer attacks that have paralysed gambling websites and cost the betting industry millions of euros in lost revenues.
Internet gambling extortion racket broken up/

Federal law enforcement officials routinely seize money they suspect is connected to activities like money laundering, terrorism or drug smuggling. But in early April, United States marshals seized $3.2 million from Discovery Communications, the television and media company, in an aggressive effort to crack down on a new target, Internet gambling. Federal prosecutors contend that online gambling sites are illegal, but the offshore casinos fall outside their jurisdiction. So for nearly a year, the government has been trying to curb the sites' activities by investigating and pressuring American companies that provide services to offshore gambling sites on the theory that they are "aiding and abetting" the operations.
U.S. Steps Up Push Against Online Casinos by Seizing Cash/

Internet casinos are outlaw operations in the eyes of the federal government, but they look like solid investments to many of Wall Street's largest firms. Blue-chip investment houses like Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Fidelity now hold hundreds of millions of dollars in shares of online casinos and betting parlors, which are publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and headquartered in places like Costa Rica or Gibraltar.
Wall Street bets on online casinos/NEW YORK TIMES/12.26.05

VA - We do not have the same jurisdiction in regards to online gambling, which is more of a matter for Commonwealth's Attorneys. However it remains critical to note that gambling is illegal in Virginia, and if you are sitting in a chair in Virginia and gambling online you are still breaking Virginia law and can be subject to all penalties that come with such actions."
House games, Internet sites give gamblers choices/

WI - Federal authorities announced the end of a successful eight-year effort to recover more than $9.3 million in fines, forfeitures and income taxes from participants in an off-shore sports betting operation with links to Wisconsin. The payments were collected following an investigation of Gold Medal Sports. In 2003 Gold Medal's lawyer, David Tedder, was convicted of conspiracy to violate the wire wagering law and money laundering.
$9.3M collected in betting case/

In a little more than 24 hours, I learned that I'd won four international lotteries for a total of about $5.4 million. "Foreign lotteries are illegal in Wisconsin," Loyd said. "The trouble is that the world is becoming a much smaller place. Where we once had to deal with just the criminals in this country, we now have to put up with criminals around the world. That one, Loyd said, is usually someone on the edge of financial or emotional ruin. Too often, that person makes the first mistake of opening the e-mails and then follows it up by providing private information that they think will ensure that the mother lode of checks will soon be in the mail.
Foreign lottery e-mails prove all that glitters isn't gold/Janesville Gazette/1.30.06

Two operators of an Antigua-based Internet gambling site have been indicted on US charges of money-laundering involving some 250 million dollars of wagers, officials announced. The indictment unsealed in Washington this week against the operators of WorldWide Telesports, Inc. charges two companies and two individuals with violation of US money-laundering laws, the Justice Department said in a statement. The indictment alleges "that by causing funds to be sent from places within the United States to places abroad with the intent to promote Wire and Travel Act violations, Scott and Davis engaged in a money laundering conspiracy," a Justice Department statement said.
US indictment charges operators of Antigua gambling website

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia unsealed an indictment yesterday against William Scott, Jessica Davis, Soulbury Ltd. and WorldWide Telesports Inc. (WWTS) for offenses related to the laundering of an estimated $250 million worth of Internet gambling wagers,... Furthermore, the indictment specifies subsequent financial transactions made by Scott with the proceeds of this illegal gambling activity as separate money laundering violations, as well as alleges his failure to report foreign bank accounts to the Internal Revenue Service.
Money Laundering Indictment Unsealed Against Major Internet Gambling Site Operators, Alleges $250 Million in Online Wagers/Comtex Business Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge/5.17.06

MANILA (Reuters) - Casinos, including those on the Internet, top the list of potential money laundering routes and an upcoming study will investigate how much they are being used to wash dirty money, a regional body said on Thursday. Real estate, jewelry and dealers in high-value goods such as precious metals and stones were other avenues for dirty money, said the Asia-Pacific Group (APG) on Money Laundering.
Casinos could be dirty money avenue - Asian group/

An internet gambling addict (23-year-old) who stole more than £1 million from his bosses before blowing it on betting sprees has been jailed for five years. Book-keeper Bryan Benjafield earned £16,000 a year but spent up to £17,000 a day on internet poker games, on line casinos, races and sports of every kind.
Gambler who stole £1m is jailed/

Carruthers (chief executive of BetOnSports) and 10 others, including the founder of BetOnSports, were named in a 22-count indictment unsealed this week by federal prosecutors in St. Louis. The government says BetOnSports fraudulently took bets from U.S. residents by phone and the Internet, and failed to pay excise taxes. The experts say the real target of the BetOnSports indictment appeared to be Gary Stephen Kaplan, the company's founder. He is a former New York-area bookie now living in Costa Rica, and he remained at large despite the indictment.
CEO of Internet gambling business stays in jail/

BetonSports, the London-listed online gambling group, is accused of being at the hub of a multibillion-dollar illegal gambling operation, according to a grand jury indictment detailing a raft of Wire Act, racketeering, conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion charges. In June, PartyGaming founders Anurag Dikshit, Vikrant Bhargava, Russ DeLeon and his wife, the former porn baroness Ruth Parasol, sold 5% of the business for £230m, adding to riches they amassed when the group floated last year.
US lawyers deal online body blow/

Last week the House of Representatives passed the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act by a strong bipartisan vote of 317-93. This legislation takes major steps towards curbing illegal Internet gambling. The Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act, which is supported by 48 out of 50 state Attorneys General and the U.S. Justice Department, cracks down on illegal gambling by updating the Wire Act to cover all forms of gambling and cover all technologies, including the Internet.
A Major Victory in the Fight to Curb Illegal Internet Gambling/

Goodlatte said the legislation is needed to protect minors from becoming addicted to online gambling, and to clarify that most forms of gambling are prohibited. "It is quite clear that the Wire Act covers sports betting," Goodlatte said. "But the Wire Act because it was written in 1961 is not at all clear as to whether it covers other forms of gambling." The existing law does not clearly ban such things as a virtual roulette wheel, poker and other kinds of online gaming, Goodlatte said.
Gambling bill in focus after industry arrests/

RALEIGH - Police think the owner of a windshield replacement company used his customers' credit card numbers to rack up charges on Internet gambling sites.
Auto Glass owner accused in gambling scam/

AN INTERNET gambler tried to kill himself after losing £158,000 on his parents' credit cards in just 50 minutes in Scotland's worst case of online betting addiction, a court heard yesterday.
Richard Mahan, 25, admitted 13 charges of fraudulently running up debts of more than £68,000 in online William Hill betting rooms.
Web gambler suicide bid after £158,000 loss on parents' cards/

AN internet gambler tried to kill himself after losing £158,000 in 50 minutes using his parents' credit cards. Mahan used 13 different credit cards belonging to his father and mother to run up the debts early on April 3, 2005, on a home computer at Mahan's parents' mansion house.
Web betting addict loses £158,000 in less than an hour/

Mahan logged on to a computer at his wealthy parents' mansion to go on his disastrous gambling spree. A spokeswoman for the Samaritans said they were getting more and more calls from internet addicts. "Compulsion to gambling can be a very destructive thing. People's lives can be turned upside down in a very short time." Andrew Poole of gambling charity GamCare said recently: "The burgeoning number of treatment centres popping up in the UK show that a growing number of internet addicts need help."

Sheriff Kevin Veal said: 'If £150,000 can be lost in 50 minutes under clandestine conditions in the early hours of the morning, it is an issue so great that it needs to be addressed by the wider community. It is a social issue.' Forfar Sheriff Court was told Mahan lost the money during the early hours of April 3 last year, on a computer at his parents' home in Trinity, near Brechin, Angus. Procurator fiscal Brian Bell said he spent less than two hours gambling. He added: 'Initially, he'd made over £90,000 in profit, but within an hour he continued gambling and started to lose money heavily until the credit cards ran dry and he ran up the debt. He then tried to commit suicide. Yesterday, his solicitor John Clancy said: 'The court should be aware that Internet gambling, along with alcohol and heroin, is the scourge of the 21st century because it is unregulated. 'Sadly, my own firm is seeing more and more cases of bankruptcies every week arising from addiction to online gambling.'
Gambler's £158,000 loss on parents' cards/

Goshen - John Andriello's lawyer called him "a professional gambler, one of the best in the business," a guy who took his gambling business to the sunny, legal shores of Costa Rica.
But Andriello lives in Nanuet, where making book on sports is illegal, even if it's done over the Internet with a Costa Rican company. Yesterday, Andriello, the reputed kingpin of a $10 million gambling ring, pleaded guilty to a gambling charge in Orange County Court.and Anton Pecovic of the Bronx, who bragged about how he'd crack the skulls of bettors who didn't pay up, pleaded guilty to a felony promoting gambling charge on May 31.
Gambling pro pleads guilty/Times Herald-Record, NY/6.13.06

A BOSS who embezzled £33,000 from the internet firm where he worked has been jailed for 15 months. Christopher Brown carried out a sophisticated scam to fund his £3000-a-day gambling problem,
Boss jailed over web firm scam/

FL - When John Rector stole $222,000 from a bank safety-deposit box at a Wachovia Bank branch in 2004, he had no idea the money came from an illegal gambling operation. However, the deposit-box owner later implicated an Orlando area father-and-son duo in an Internet sports-gambling scheme that had netted the pair as much as $1 million a year from 2000 to 2005.
Twist of luck ends betting scheme/Orlando Sentinel, FL/6.7.06

Israel - A gag order was lifted today on the arrest of Reuven Gavriely, his brother Ezra (Shuni) Gavriely (the father of MK Inbal Gavriely (Likud)) and Ezra's son Shlomi Gavriely, as well as Meir Abarjil, Motti Menashe, Yoram Zarfati, and Yoel Schneider on charges of running an illegal online gambling operation, money laundering, and tax evasion. Among other things, Ezra Gavriely is suspected of having a link with two online gambling companies, Net Market and Target.
Gavriely, Abarjil arrested for money laundering/

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia unsealed an indictment yesterday against William Scott, Jessica Davis, Soulbury Ltd. and WorldWide Telesports Inc. (WWTS) for offenses related to the laundering of an estimated $250 million worth of Internet gambling wagers, Assistant Attorney General Alice S. Fisher announced today. The United States, with assistance from the Guernsey government, was able to restrain $7 million of these laundered gambling proceeds from the U.S. correspondent account of a foreign bank in a parallel civil forfeiture action filed in the District of Columbia in December 2003. Funds for wagers to be placed on, or funds paid out from, "offshore" Internet gambling sites violates U.S. law and such activities present a threat to the integrity of the country's financial system.
Money Laundering Indictment Unsealed Against Major Internet Gambling Site Operators, Alleges $250 Million in Online Wagers/Comtex Business Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge

Gamblers playing in online casinos are being warned that they may increasingly be targeted by criminals looking to steal money by infecting their machines. A recent flurry of fairly small scale threat activity has led some to suspect that casinos may be targeted with increasing frequency as their popularity grows. Certainly with users processing transaction data, online gamblers will be attractive targets for criminals.
Online casino punters targeted by malware scams/

Conley -- whose gambling operations are linked to the mob -- is at the heart of the probe, investigators say. "He spoke to every bookie we're aware of in Allegheny County," Paul Marraway, an agent with the state Attorney General's office, said during a Feb. 8 hearing in Pittsburgh before U.S. Magistrate Judge Francis X. Caiazza. "And many of these people are associated with organized crime." Investigators said they recorded Conley's telephone conversations for months, and intercepted numerous calls between Conley and the four men they say are associated with organized crime. Marraway said the topic was always the same -- gambling. And the amount wagered was staggering. Conley moved more than $3 million in sports bets in one month last fall. Wiretaps placed on three cell phones from Nov. 14 through Jan. 18 revealed Conley was taking bets on professional and college football and basketball games, Marraway said. His ring involved local bookies, state investigators said, as well as others across the country and some around the world. Over 28 days in November and December, Conley laid off $1.7 million in bets to a person in Georgia called "Brick," $1.2 million to offshore casinos and between $500,000 and $1 million to local bookies, Marraway said. For some offshore wagers, Conley used, a Costa Rican gambling business, Marraway said.
The investigation also revealed local bookies used another offshore casino -- BetCRIS, or Costa Rica International Sports.
Going for broke/TRIBUNE-REVIEW/5.14.06

A mortgage broker whose son lost £30,000 by gambling online with his father's credit card said the case highlighted the appalling ease with which people could run up huge debts on the internet.
Daniel Richardson, 22, took the cards from a briefcase while looking after his younger sisters when their parents were away on a break in Amsterdam.
He used a home computer to place unlimited bets on "anything" from the outcome of football matches to the flip of a coin.
Father's fury at gambling websites that hooked son/

(CBS4) DENVER A company based in Denver is the target of investigators in 2 states after it reportedly sold people Internet gambling Web sites they could run from their homes. Betting on the sites is illegal under state and federal law. CBS4 found the Web sites were advertised as a work at home job. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Arizona Department of Gaming want to know why people all over the country invested thousands of dollars in an apparent scheme.
CBS4 Investigates Alleged Online Gambling Scheme/

The addictive nature of gambling is well-established, and the American Psychiatric Association includes gambling addiction as a psychological pathology. The easy access of the Internet takes this existing problem and ratchets it up. Where before the compulsive gambler had to leave home to find an outlet for his addiction, today he has only to turn on his computer and have a credit card ready. Twenty-four hours a day. Because Internet gambling is dependent on credit card and wire transactions, law enforcement officials and financial institutions have an avenue to identify, pursue and prosecute illegal gambling. They need to be authorized and empowered to use those means. Two current pieces of legislation sponsored by Representatives James Leach (R.-Iowa) and Bob Goodlatte (R.-Va.) would update law enforcement tools for existing law and expand current law to encompass emerging technologies.
Internet Poker Shouldn't Be Legalized/ readers may recall back in October last year a case being heard in Morristown, New Jersey before Judge Salem Vincent Ahto in which local businessman Nicholas Drakos (49) was accused of promoting gambling through his website International Net Casino and other peripheral offences. This week the Judge handed down his final decision, convicting Drakos and sentencing him to 90 days on a manual labour program and three years' probation for promoting gambling through a Web site he hosted to attract wagers on college and professional sports. The state constitution, Ahto noted, cites approved forms of gambling that include casinos, state-run lotteries and certain types of raffles and bingo games that benefit civic and specified organisations. Internet gambling is not a sanctioned activity under current state law, he found.
Online gambling conviction:/, FL/3.06.06

In the middle of the day at a St. Louis area University, a college student is in the middle of a hard fought poker game. To be more accurate, eight hard fought poker games... at one time. "If you are betting on a game of chance using wires, which the internet is, it's illegal. So if you're betting on sports, betting on poker any of those things, it's a crime to place those wagers," explained U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway. Some estimates say that Internet gaming companies will make a profit of $10 to 12 billion dollars this year. The federal government is cracking down on entities that promote illegal gambling. The St. Louis based Sporting News, a national magazine, recently agreed to a $7.2 million dollar settlement to resolve claims that it accepted ads from illegal Internet sites. But just turn on your television and you'll see ads for
Internet Gambling/

A gambling addict who worked as a supervisor for a charity in Croydon has been jailed after blowing £250,000 of donations on a lavish lifestyle. James Murray took his girlfriend on holiday to Florida, bought a car, gambled on the internet and splashed out on designer clothes.
Gambling addict imprisoned after stealing from charity/

Today, the NHL has to answer some serious questions. In the last few years, several of its most well-known players -- Jaromir Jagr, Jeremy Roenick and now, Tocchet -- have been implicated as gamblers, or allegedly participated in gambling rings. "There are six or seven major organized crime people in the area that are taking action on sports," Ed Looney, the executive director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, said in a telephone interview Wednesday.
"They're losing money to the Internet," Looney said of the mob groups. "But this kind of activity is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to betting in the tristate area."
League suffers a blow/

Americans bet $933.7 million online on sports events in 2001, more than doubling to $2.1 billion in 2005, according to Christiansen Capital Advisors, which tracks gambling revenues. Total U.S. online gambling, including sports bets, casino games, lotteries and poker, went from $1.57 billion in 2001 to $5.92 billion in 2005, Christiansen said. Online wagers "will increase the addiction, the bankruptcy, the crime and corruption we're already getting," Grey said.

Federal authorities announced the end of a successful eight-year effort to recover more than $9.3 million in fines, forfeitures and income taxes from participants in an off-shore sports betting operation with links to Wisconsin. Pede and D'Ambrosia were sentenced for filing false income tax returns and violating federal laws against offshore bookmaking and wire wagering in 2002, and Gold Medal was convicted of racketeering at the same time. In 2003 Gold Medal's lawyer, David Tedder, was convicted of conspiracy to violate the wire wagering law and money laundering. He was sentenced to five years in prison, a fine of more than $1.06 million, and a forfeiture of $2.7 million in illegal gambling proceeds.
$9.3M collected in betting case/

A DESPERATE gambler has been spared jail after admitting he helped launder $1.5 million stolen from bank accounts over the internet. (He) was one of almost 40 gamblers recruited at Crown casino by a gang to be the recipient of the stolen money.
Casino fraud freed/

Jesse Ventura is no longer governor of Minnesota. But he is still pushing an agenda - in this case, sports betting over the Internet. Mr. Ventura is the new spokesman for, a Web site operated from Costa Rica that lets people wager on sports contests from their home computers.
n a sign of an increased acceptance of Internet gambling, online casinos in recent months have signed endorsement deals with a group of celebrities, including Tom Arnold, the actor; Brooke Burke, a model turned television host; and Jim Kelly, a former quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.
The government considers these Internet sports books to be violating American law by providing unlicensed gambling on domestic shores. Further, the government has said in the past that it could prosecute Americans who promote and assist such foreign operations for effectively aiding and abetting their illegal activities.
Celebrities Taking a Gamble/New York Times/11.16.05

A former investment officer at Civitas BankGroup Inc. faces up to 40 years in prison, as well as more than $1 million in fines, for stealing $453,000 from the Franklin bank in a fraud scheme.
He also was engaging in suspicious transactions such as with a sports-gambling-related Web site.
Former bank executive faces fines, jail sentence/

With gambling apparently playing an increasing role in the corruption of major sports, online betting exchange Betfair has announced a memorandum of understanding with UEFA to monitor patterns in football betting and ensure the integrity of results and contests. Recently corruption in football has been back in the spotlight following revelations of match-fixing by referees in Germany's Bundesliga.
Betfair and UEFA clean up football/

A federal judge on Tuesday refused to accept a guilty plea from a former AOL employee accused of selling the Internet provider's customer list to a spammer, saying he was unsure a crime had been committed. The case by federal prosecutors charges that Smathers, of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, stole a list of 92 million customer screen names from AOL, a Time Warner Inc. unit, and sold it to an Internet marketer. The marketer then allegedly used the list to promote his online gambling operation and sold the names to other spammers, according to prosecutors.
Judge Refuses to Accept Guilty Plea on Spam/

There's a story about a 17-year-old boy who was arrested with over a million dollars in misappropriated funds hidden in a Costa Rican casino account! Smart kid, but how smart is he really if he got caught?
What's With All This Fraud On The Internet?Security Pronews/11.22.04

Whitely's case bears striking similarities to another WA gambling addict Kim Faithfull, the manager of a Commonwealth bank branch in Karratha, who stole more then $19 million to feed his online gambling addiction.
TAB denies responsibility for thieving gambling addict/

"I'm stubborn," said Richardson, who runs Costa Rica-based "I wanted to be the guy that says, 'I didn't pay, and I beat them.' " Richardson couldn't figure the odds, but he was determined to fight what's fast becoming the scourge of Internet-based businesses: High-tech protection rackets in which gangs of computer hackers choke off traffic to Web sites whose operators refuse their demands. BetCRIS, short for Bet Costa Rica International Sportsbook, takes about $2 billion in bets every year from gamblers around the world. Most are placed online. After customers complained early last year that the Web site seemed sluggish, Richardson felt a little relieved when an anonymous hacker e-mailed an admission that he had launched a denial-of-service attack against BetCRIS. The hacker wanted $500, via the Internet payment service e-Gold. The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Richardson found out how wrong he was. An e-mail demanded $40,000 by the following noon. Costa Rican law enforcement was ill-equipped to deal with computer hackers thousands of miles away. Given the shaky legality of offshore betting, seeking help from U.S. authorities wasn't an attractive option.
Online extortionists cripple e-commerce/

Criminal gangs based in eastern Europe are playing a nasty game with Internet gambling companies. With help from skilled network vandals, they're knocking the betting sites offline, then demanding huge extortion payments to halt their digital attacks.
Protection rackets hit online gambling/6.26.04/

China - Shenyang Public Security Bureau has announced that after intensive investigations, over 60 suspected gambling websites have been closed.
Shenyang Police Arrest Online Gamblers/

Sportingbet PLC, the online betting and gaming group, has received over AUD$2.68 mln after settling its outstanding Australian litigation over bets it took from a customer who had embezzled the funds from his employer.
Sportingbet settles Australian litigation over illegally-funded gambling/AFX News Limited/8.9.05

Australia - A branch manager in WA, Kim David Faithfull, was jailed for stealing almost $19 million over five years to support an Internet betting habit. An employee of Brisbane's Toowong branch, Rhoda Ann Bohse, was jailed in a separate case after she took more than $1.1 million over three years.
On the take/

One of the world's leading information search engines has drawn attention (and users) to "illegal" poker and gambling sites on the Internet by possibly violating Australia's Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. According to the Gambling Act, Australia prohibits the advertising of gambling services on Web sites where the majority of users are in Australia.
Google Australia in Hot Water Over Poker Advertising Law/

BEIJING, Mar. 18 -- About 35 percent of gambling convictions issued in Shanghai have been of the online variety, the local People's Prosecutors' Office revealed yesterday. On February 24, 2004, the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People's Court sentenced an online gambling gang to prison.
Online gambling poses huge concern/