SB 933 - Anita Yeckel (R). Regulates the licensing of "amusement machine operators" and authorizes use of "amusement devices" which are nothing more than gambling schemes for kids. (The late Governor Carnahan vetoed a bill similar to this!) Just to add more state revenue!

Under this bill a minor can play "games" at a cost of from one to several dollars in exchange for much greater valued prizes (bicycle, camera, computer, etc.) if they can score high enough at the "game". Under any legal dictionary, a 'game of chance' or 'game of skill' constitutes gambling as long as the desired "win" that is held out as a prize is greater than the value risked to 'play'.

ACTION NEEDED: This bill was voted "do pass" by the Financial & Govt. Organization Committee on 2/21/02. If the Committee Chairman (same as bill sponsor) turns in the "do pass" report, the bill could be slated for full debate in the senate as soon as a few weeks. Call or write your State Senator to vote against SB 933, or any other legislation which would allow minors to violate principles of gambling by 'playing' games which offer higher valued prizes than the cost of playing. Conditioning children to gamble is wrong!

3 of every 30 children have gambling addiction problems.

Ask several of your friends to make contacts too.
Please do not rely on e-mail to influence legislation
unless you follow up with an immediate phone call
or mail a hard copy of your letter.

To reach your Representative or Senator
on any of these gambling bills
call direct or dial a capitol operator at 573-751-2000
and ask for them by name.

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