PROBLEM GAMBLING is ten times more
common among those who gamble online than
among those who only gamble offline.

Nine year old attempts suicide after losing $10,000
on the internet using his mother's credit card.


“It is the equivalent of opening a Las Vegas casino in every house, apartment and dorm room in America.”
Stop Predatory Gambling

• Class president, son of a Baptist minister robbed a bank to pay for his internet poker debt. Serving 20 years in prison.

• The University of Wisconsin student accused of murdering three Verona roommates, to whom he owed thousands in gambling debts... The 19-year-old student has been charged with shooting an acquaintance who helped him place bets with an offshore gambling company in Jamaica...he had lost $15,000 gambling...hanged himself...

• A teenager who became addicted to online gambling, got into debt and ended up burgling houses in his village.

• Terry Elman, education co-ordinator for the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, says more and more kids are getting sucked in over their heads by the online poker boom. "I was invited to go to a school the day before Christmas vacation and I got there at 7 o'clock in the morning and they were wheeling a boy out in a body bag," he says. "He had hung himself the night before because he had lost on a bet. I know it's hard for people to believe but people die from compulsive gambling."

• ...the girl (14) met 28-year-old Pettitt on a gambling Web site and willingly left home in the Bronx with him.

• "He was an OSU college senior and had gambled away his last semester's tuition playing Internet blackjack. "Because he was broke and in debt, he ended up spending two months living in the library and eating food from the trash cans and dumpsters. And he was using the library computer to try to create scams to hustle cash to continue gambling."

• "Internet gambling is quite a concern to us."Lower Canada College had to deal with a student who initiated a counterfeit money scheme to finance gambling debts of thousands of dollars..

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