What else are destination casinos hiding?


• These destination casinos will create hundreds of
thousands of gambling addicts in Florida.
• Living within 10 miles of a casino can increase the chance of becoming an addicted gambler by 90%.
Research Institute on Addictions, University of Buffalo
• Gambling addiction doubles within 50 miles of a casino. National Gambling Impact Study Commission
• When you're dealing with one addict, you're dealing with 8-10 other people that get affected because of the
addiction." Ed Looney: the Council for Compulsive Gambling. Gambling at an All Time High

60% will commit crimes
20% will attempt or commit suicide
20% will file for bankruptcy
50% will abuse spouses and children
20% will become homeless
50% will divorce
their average debt is between $63,000 & $110,000
30-50% of gambling revenues are derived from problem and pathological gamblers. Baylor University Professor Earl Grinols

21 to 36% will lose their jobs!
Business Profitability versus Social Profitability: Evaluating Industries with Externalities, Earl L. Grinols,* and David B. Mustard,*

This will happen to hundreds of thousands of Florida’s Families
if the Florida Legislature legalizes destination casinos.

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