"(High-rollers) drive business. They drive revenues. They drive profits,"
says Jason Ader, gambling analyst with Bear Stearns

The high-roller "hosts" at the big four hotels will go to any lengths to
make these guys happy, including technically illegal things like getting
them hookers.
MMMMMMMMMThe Vegas Guy: Whale Hunting in Vegas, UPI

"The gamblers will stay inside for three days and three nights, never
go outside. They don't know what time it is, what day it is. They sit
there eating instant noodles, going from baccarat table to table,
gambling everything."

China's High Rollers Find a Seat at Table -- in Vegas, The Washington Post Company

Former Belterra Resort and Casino Chairman R.D. Hubbard was fined $740,000 over allegations that the casino brought in more than a half-dozen prostitutes from California to entertain 48 wealthy male guests during a weekend golf outing last summer. ...the escorts fondled the male guests and allowed themselves to be fondled. The women who filed the suit said they were ordered to kiss and pat male gamblers and lure rich Arab men to the gambling facility.
Dockside must be watched closely, Indianapolis Star

A two-year money laundering investigation by the FBI and Metro Police's organized crime unit has resulted in federal and state charges against 11 people, including a Bally's hotel-casino executive in charge of wooing Asian customers. The investigation also uncovered illegal bookmaking operations and prostitution activities,
"Eleven charged in money-laundering scheme", Las Vegas SUN

Two of eight people arrested in March in connection with a prostitution operation that targeted high rollers at Atlantic City casinos pleaded guilty...
Probe involved high rollers at casinos in A.C. www.courierpostonline.com

Other well-known whales include members of Malaysia's Quek family, which has holdings in real estate, banking and manufacturing; the Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi,...One American whom some industry executives include among the whales is Roger King, the chairman of King World Productions, Mr. King threw up at a casino bar, asked an employee to help him procure a prostitute. Sometimes the requests are unreasonable or illegal, like procuring prostitutes or drugs,... But one executive at a major casino in Las Vegas recounted an occasion in recent weeks when hotel employees had to devise a system of code words to deliver dozens of prostitutes to the suite of one high roller. As the women arrived, ''if he didn't like them, he'd give them $300 and send them away,'' said the executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. ''At one point, he had 30 women in his suite at one time.''
Casinos Paying Top Dollar To Coddle Elite Gamblers, New York Times

...casino records revealed that Zhigun bought a total of $434,850 in chips...
a 27-member Russian crime ring used the brokerage to file fraudulent applications for more than 1,000 mortgages and home-equity loans worth $200 million....Lipkin and Zhigun both pleaded guilty.
IT'S ON THE HOUSE www.nypost.com

Memphis police officer Tate was also charged with taking prostitutes (actually undercover FBI agents) to "high-rollers" at Tunica casinos, trips in rented limousines to take "prostitutes" to casinos and drugs to a "buyer" in Tunica. On one trip, several ounces of "Ice," a highly refined form of methamphetamine, was transported to Tunica.
3 officers charged in corruption probe www.commercialappeal.com

...the Drug Enforcement Administration's money laundering and drug trafficking case against Strip high roller Zhenli Ye Gon and former casino hostess Michele Wong. Ye Gon was busy gambling more than $125 million in Las Vegas casinos. ...the group instructed him to launder the money in Las Vegas...an enormous pile of drug money linked to Mexican cartels that fed some 80 percent of the U.S. meth addiction.
Las Vegas' image might suffer from money laundering/drug trafficking case www.lvrj.com